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Three Word Songs With "It" in the Middle

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Bachman Turner Overdrive Gave Us Quite a Ride On Their Second Album


Fox Block, the theme-related selections picked at the local classic rock station at lunch, recently played a set comprising “Take It Easy” by the Eagles, as well as the title tracks from Let It Bleed by the Rolling Stones and Let It Be by The Beatles. What the three songs have in common, as the deejay explained, were three word titles with “It” in the middle.

His list could could have been extended to at least an hour, for there are another couple of dozen songs that fit the category. Kevin Parker's indie band Tame Impala have two of them, “Let It Happen” from the Currents album and “Is It True” from the new record The Slow Rush.

Here are fifteen of the most well-known songs with three word titles with “It” in the center, excluding another Stones song called “Paint It Black.”

1. Lick It Up by Kiss

After the shock rockers took off their make up, this single made their bare faces recognizable to music fans.

2. Bringin' It Back by Elvis Presley

Written by Greg Gordon, it appeared as the first single on the King's album Today.

3. Get It On (Bang a Gong) by T. Rex

Marc Bolan was a very influential presence in glam rock, but this was unfortunately the only Top Forty single his band landed before his premature demise.

4. Keep It Up by the Boomtown Rats

“I Don't Like Mondays” was its signature tune, but The Fine Art of Surfacing is chock full of nuggets like this one and “Diamond Smiles.”

5. Shake It Up by the Cars

One of many, many hits by Ric Ocasek and his group, who added to their success with this 1981 title track.

6. Takin' It Back by Toto

David Paich wrote most of the band's tunes, but this gem from the self-titled debut came from keyboardist Steve Porcaro.

7. Let It Ride by Bachman Turner Overdrive

“Takin' Care of Business” has gained worldwide recognition, leaving this other hit from BTO II often overlooked.

8. Do It Again by Steely Dan

The first song from the first album, taken from Bob Dylan's line Can't Buy a Thrill, introduced what would quickly become one of the greatest band's in the history of American music.

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9. Isn't It Time by the Babys

John Waite did not have to wait long for success, for his band's first album spawned this smash single.

10. Was It You by Spoon

This title question could be answered by other titles from the Gimme Fiction album, such as “Sir Valentin” or “Sister Jack.”

11. Break It Up by Foreigner

4 had no fewer than five singles, including this one as well as “Juke Box Hero,” “Urgent” and “Waiting for a Girl Like You.”

12. How It Is by Okkervil River

Will Sheff starts In the Rainbow Rain with a tune about tracheotamies, ending it ten songs later with this track about reality.

13. Give It Up by K.C. and the Sunshine Band

“Get Down Tonight” and “That's the Way I Like It” are the biggies in the disco catalogue, where you can also find minor hits like this one.

14. Take It Away by Paul McCartney

This title advice is quite appropriate, considering it comes from the album called Tug-o-War.

15. Call It Love by Poco

It took nearly a half decade for this folk troupe to chart, which is exactly what this song did in 1971.

Bonus Track: Add It Up by the Violent Femmes

Anytime a band can push the envelope by repeatedly working the always censored word into a catchy tune, it deserves mention when possible.

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