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Three Stooges Jokes and Humor

Three Stooges in Hoi Polloi

Three Stooges humor

Many people think that the Three Stooges humor is strictly slapstick and just for kids. This assumption is entirely incorrect. The Stooges humor is for everyone. There are many jokes that kids don't get and also many jokes that have a double meaning.

When I was a kid, Curly was far and away my favorite of The Three Stooges. As a kid you are focused mostly on the slapstick which features Moe and Curly, however, as I have gotten older Larry has become my second favorite Stooge.

A primary example of a joke that has a double meaning, one for the kids and one for the adults is in the film "Hoi Polloi". This also is an example of why Larry has moved up to my second favorite Stooge. Two professors are arguing about whether they can take an uncultured person and teach them to be able to associate with high society. A bet is made and The Stooges become the guinea pigs. The Professor has 3 months to turn them into gentlemen.

After 3 months The Stooges make their big debut at a party. The Professor who had been tutoring them began introducing them around to different people at the party. One gentlemen named Major Nickel was there with his 2 beautiful daughters. The professor introduced The Stooges to Major Nickel and his daughters and Larry made the comment "Brother can you spare a nickel?"

To a kid that comment seemed like Larry was going back to his old ways and begging for money. Now that I am and adult I see that Larry was actually asking if he could borrow one of the Major's daughters to fool around with for a while.

The Three Stooges

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Three Stooges Jokes

The Three Stooges have thrown in several jokes that you have to keep an eye out for in their movies. You may have to watch a movie several times before you catch some of the jokes. That's what makes The Three Stooges great. You can watch them, then take a break for a year or so and when you return and start watching them again, you see something that either you missed previously or had forgotten about.

I encourage everyone of all ages to watch The Three Stooges. You will enjoy them for a lifetime.

Another classic Three Stooges joke happened when the boys were on a train and being chased by someone. They hid in a crate in the storage car. Larry made the comment "I smell something awful". Moe replied, "You're telling me. You should try a little cologne or something". They then hear a Lion roar and realized that was the smell.

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Kelley Marks from Sacramento, California on December 02, 2009:

Hail to the Three Stooges! Yes, indeed, their humor wasn't always a bash on the head and two fingers in the eyes. In their heyday they were as good as the Marx Brothers, which is high praise for sure. Incidentally, I just wrote a hub about the Stooges. Please check it out. Later!

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