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Three Flavour Cornetto Trilogy: The Three Flavours of Cinema

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Spoiler Alert:

The following article is filled with spoilers for all three movies in the trilogy. So, if you haven’t seen any of the three films.

Wear your spoiler shades!!

Posters Of All Three Films

Posters Of All Three Films

Introduction To Three Flavors

The Three Flavor Cornetto trilogy aka The Blood And Ice Cream Trilogy is a trilogy of three anthology films. All three of them made by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, which means they are completely silly, interesting, and heartfelt at the same time.

Pegg and Wright have created one of the best trilogies in modern time. The three films are: Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End
Let’s have a look at what are these three flavors and why these films are so fun.

Shot From Shaun Of The Dead

Shot From Shaun Of The Dead

Premise Of All Three Films

Since it’s an anthology series, all three movies have fresh stories and fresh premises.

  1. Shaun Of The Dead (2004) - Shaun is a simple guy with nothing new in his life. His regular routine life gets interrupted by a Zombie Invasion and he has to save his best friend, recent ex-girlfriend, mother, and Philip, who isn’t his father
  2. Hot Fuzz (2007) - Nicholas Angel is a “policeman officer” who gets promoted and transferred to a remote village and his persona to do the right and lawful thing comes across when he encounters many, many gruesome murders happening in the town.
  3. The World’s End (2013) - Gary King is a guy stuck in one night of his past and wants to complete the Golden Mile with his childhood friends. He reunites the friends to have their perfect night only to find out that Aliens have invaded the town.

The premises of these films have two elements that are worth noticing.

One, they are built around the genres, using the same tropes.
Two, despite being there to make fun of the genre, they land pretty interesting characters.

I don’t like to believe that these films are straight-up parodies. I mean, of course, all three films are genre films and they are mocking their genres. Like the title, Shaun Of The Dead is a play on the title of the classic zombie film Dawn Of The Dead (1978). Hot Fuzz has Danny say to Nicholas – “Forget it, Nicholas, it’s Sandford.” which is a reference to Chinatown (1975). Gary says to Sam in The World’s End – “We will always have the disableds, though, won’t we?” which is a reference to Casablanca (1942). I genuinely laughed at these references.

All three movies also combine a different kind of passion in them. There are interesting characters, important allegories, logical storylines, and over-the-top action. Lots Of Action, in like all three of the films.

What makes them so interesting? What are the allegories? What are the themes?
Let’s dive into that a little.

Angel and Danny being full-on action

Angel and Danny being full-on action

Three Flavors – Three Stories – Three Themes

As I said, despite being one-genre films, there are more themes and important symbolisms than most of the films they are parodying. There are heart-breaking emotional scenes in these crazy films which stay with you after the films. After all, they are Edgar Wright-Simon Pegg films. Nothing is just one note. Everything is a reference or a gag and has deeper meanings.

Shaun Of The Dead’s opening montage tells you the theme straight up. The zombie invasion happens early in the film, but Shaun doesn’t even realize it until the invasion comes into his garden. This is due to the fact that our routine lives have made us living zombies. That’s the message the movie has to tell. Shaun himself is the embodiment of living zombies, but then he wakes up fighting the zombies and being the “human” he is.

Hot Fuzz underlines the theme of buddy-cop and lawful justice Vs. unlawful justice like most of the Police drama films. But, it subverts the trope of a big conspiracy and makes the reasons for murder “The Greater Good” which could be interpreted in many ways. To correct the society for “The Greater Good”, should we commit crimes against people who are innocent; but end up embarrassing society?

The World’s End asks us the question: Is being stuck in the past the solution? What if the dreams we see as teenagers don’t come true? To correct society should we stop making mistakes and follow the “Network”. To which Gary King says – “We are humans and we have the right to be f***-ups.” Which gives precise statements about humanity.

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Sam and Gary looking at Four-Legged Twin

Sam and Gary looking at Four-Legged Twin

The Call-Back Humor And Other Running Gags

All right, enough with the hidden meanings and themes of the films. All three of these films are COMEDY, so, let’s see the brilliant and humorous moments that stay with us. The gag of Simon Pegg jumping over a fence runs through all three films. In the first film, Simon falls; in the second, Simon jumps; but Nick Frost breaks the fence and in the third, well you got to see that for yourself.

Along with the running gags, Simon and Edgar use Call-Back humor to make the film more fun. Like Shaun going to the supermarket twice or people keep saying “You’ve got red on you.” This also leads to one of the most emotional scenes in Shaun Of The Dead when Ed says, “Sorry” to Shaun. In Hot Fuzz, the NWA keeps saying “The Greater Good.” That was the most catchy line and I couldn’t stop laughing at that line.

All these gags and jokes are so in tune with the world Simon & Edgar create that it just keeps building up. You won’t stop laughing at the visual comedy Wright does. The opening scene of Shaun Of The Dead is enough for you to realize what I mean.

Although, the most callbacks I noticed were in The World’s End. Of course, the biggest one being the opening montage of the film that’s technically the whole movie. Also, the selective memory gag, the argument with The Network, the “Star-bucking” thing, and The “Out Of Service” thing.

Everything is so funny you will end up on a floor while laughing.

Another Cool Poster

Another Cool Poster


Finally, I would say, Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy is also a statement on the types of cinema we are watching these days.

In the early 2000s, Zombie movies were highly famous. Buddy-Cop films just keep coming and coming. And we have seen more world endings in the 2010s than ever.
Edgar Wright is one of the directors who are aware of cinema that’s happening and the type of cinema he is making. He keeps on making movies with deeper meanings and amazing stuff. And best of all, everything in these three films is pure fun.

So, in these trying times, I suggest you go and check out all these three films. They will definitely make your day!!

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