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"Thor: Love and Thunder" Movie Review

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I walked away from this film with mixed feelings. Not negative feelings, just mixed. Thor: Love and Thunder was definitely a fun film and it gave us one of the best villains of all time, but there were times when I felt that the humor didn't hit the mark like it did in Thor: Ragnarok. But, on the flipside, there was so much more depth and meaning in this film that redeemed the flat humor.

The film follows Thor, picking up after Endgame, showing that he's been travelling with the Guardians of the Galaxy and has come to a point in his life where he doesn't know who he truly is or what it is he's meant to do. His father, mother, and brother are all three dead and he's given the role of King to his good friend Valkyrie. So what is it he's meant to do now that peace has been restored post-Thanos? As if being called by the universe itself, he receives a distress call from Lady Sif. She tells him that Gorr the God Butcher has been moving from planet to planet, killing the gods of old and new alike. Thor takes it upon himself to hunt down Gorr and stop him. To complicate matters, Jane shows up in New Asgard with a now reassembled Mjolnir and full Thor get-up. How did she receive this power and why? Thor has to find that out too. Classic Thor adventure!

The thing that's done well in this film is Gorr. Even though he was underused, a crime within itself, he was one the audience could sympathize with even though he's done horrible things. The opening scene of the film depicts why Gorr undertakes his mission and, honestly, I felt bad for him and couldn't really fault him for his actions. Portrayed phenomenally by Christian Bale, this was a character I wanted to see more of and less of the silliness with Zeus in Omnipotence City.

Natalie Portman made a brilliant comeback to the Thor franchise as the Mighty Thor Jane Foster. She was the second-best part of the film, clearly bulking up a bit to be the Goddess of Thunder for this film.

The soundtrack was fantastic, bringing us some incredible instrumentals from the brilliant mind of Michael Giacchino and also an almost all Guns N Roses song selection, save for two.

I did love the depth this film had. Despite the action and humor that Ragnarok had, it didn't feel as emotional as it should have, especially with Odin's death. Love and Thunder, however, went the opposite direction. This film made you sympathize with the Gorr, Thor, and Jane too. There was some fantastic storytelling when the film was being serious and heartfelt.

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In conclusion, I truly believe that if Christian Bale hadn't been Gorr and Natalie Portman hadn't come back, the film would have flopped. This was definitely one that the actors carried rather than the writing. Taika, you're a fantastic writer and director, but this one could have been so, so much better. I'm still giving the film a 3.5 out of 4 for Bale and Portman's performances, and the fact that Russell Crowe was pretty amazing as a wimpy version of Zeus.

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