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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)

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Thor starts off by unapologetically showing off all of the new technical feats the studio has been able to accomplish with their budget of $250 million. The showoff scene pertains very little to the rest of the movie itself, save for the origin an extremely annoying running gag reoccurring throughout the movie that hasn’t been funny since 2013. While it was obvious those said scenes were present merely to show off the CGI capabilities of the team, it was undeniably gorgeous.

The soundtrack of Thor Love and Thunder could be one of the greatest soundtracks of any Marvel movie to date, when considering just how many timeless and catchy songs were included in the film. The choreography was perfect, and we never stopped being able to follow any of the action on screen due to the common practice of using too many cuts to preserve time and budget. The acting was also relatively superb, and felt like everyone was truly having a good time making this movie. Worthy of individual praise is Christian Bale, whose performance was truly terrifying and perfectly sinister.

Unfortunately, while this movie had plenty of positives going for it, it felt as though the main point of telling a good story was hidden, or perhaps pushed to the wayside so that the CGI elements, stacked cast and soundtrack could drive the film to its success instead. While this certainly worked on some fronts, it may leave you feeling incomplete, or that nothing really ended up mattering once you’ve finished it. But that being said, the film truly is entertaining for the full two-hour runtime.


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