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Thor: Love and Thunder


Silly, slapstick and campy, Thor: Love and Thunder is a frivolous and forgettable tongue-in-cheek superhero comedy.

The 29th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a bright and eccentric affair pervaded by lighthearted silliness. The movie feels episodic, unconcerned with continuity and unburdened by existing MCU lore. It's breezy, pacey and irreverent, but the discernable lack of seriousness quickly weighs on the audience. The film is tonally unbalanced, suffocated by silly, slapstick humour that detracts from some of the more serious elements of the story.

The clownish first half of the film feels more like a parody that's neither smart nor self-aware. The humour is playful, but foolishly exaggerated and misses as often as it hits. The second half is tempered and delivers a more satisfying blend of comedy and action. Unfortunately, much of the creative potential is wasted on comical diversions, sacrificing depth for campiness. The film teeters on the edge of being a full-blown farce, reigning in its comedic assault well into its run, displaying pathos and substance far too late.

Thor: Love and Thunder is a mildly amusing and fairly diverting exercise that meanders between funny and painfully insufferable.




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