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Will Madison give birth on her own? Or Will Kevin make it in time?

This episode could be called, “Get Me To The Birth On Time.” Since Kevin begins an odyssey to make it home in time to see his children being born.

The past story is about Jack taking Kevin to football camp. It parallels when his father would take him to baseball games. Kevin is making himself as sick with performance anxiety as Jack did in the past, showing they are more alike than one would think. Kevin wants to know why Jack’s paying him so much attention to him now he’s doing football when he’s never before taken him somewhere it was just the two of them. Which makes Jack realize he’s also like his father more than he’d like to think. Kevin’s worried about not being good at football because he’ll disappoint Jack. Jack recalls how his father would get tanked up at his games and one time when he didn’t win his father made him drive home and he was too young to even know how to drive a car. Jack tells Kevin about this incident and it gets Kevin to open up to Jack about how his coach is always telling him how stupid he is. Well, this doesn’t sit right with Jack. He corners the coach in the bathroom and tells him if he ever hears he’s called his son stupid, again, there will be consequences. Jack doesn’t tell Kevin what he did, but Kevin’s not dumb and I think he knows Jack did something.

In the present Kate is off to San Pedro where her baby mama is about to have the birth of the baby induced. Kevin calls her to tell her he’s about to do a scene with Robert De Nero. After he hangs up, Madison calls him up. She’s having pains and thinks she’s in labor. She’s had Braxton Hicks and they didn’t feel like this. She’s packing to head off to the hospital and says she’ll call him when she gets there. It seems Madison will be doing this on her own, after all.

Kevin walks out on the film when Madison calls him back to say she is in labor. Even though it’s a few weeks early her doctor assures her the babies will be fine. She’s waiting to be admitted to a room. Kevin tells her he’s coming back and will be there for the birth. Kevin tells the producer of the film off and tells him where he can stick it. So, he’s basically trashed his career.

Kevin is driving recklessly and has a few near misses as he calls up Rebecca and Miguel for help in getting him on a flight that will get him home in time so he doesn’t miss the birth of the twins. Miguel finds him one. Unfortunately, on the way to the airport Kevin sees there’s a car accident and the car is on fire and the passenger is trapped inside. He goes down to help save the man. As he’s helping the man to his car he doesn’t realize he’s dropped his wallet.

Kevin drops the man at the ER and rushes off to make his flight. He arrives with just minutes to make his flight and realizes he doesn’t have his wallet. The guard can’t let him board. He tries pulling the, “I’m a movie star” bit but she isn’t going to budge. He then speaks from the heart that if he misses the birth of his kids it’s going to break him. Will that be enough to soften the tough security guard?

Meanwhile back at the hospital, it’s starting to get to Madison that she’s really going to have to do this all by herself. The nurse, who is the only person she has to talk to, suggests she call her mother or family. We learn Madison’s mother is alive, but she refuses to call her, saying they’re not close. Which further heightens the Madison family mystery. Just how bad are things when even when she’s going into labor by herself she won’t call her mother?

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After the nurse leaves, Madison begins to cry. The phone rings and she’s hoping it’s Kevin, but it’s Randall and Beth. [A little brief Randall and Beth history when it comes to Madison. When Randall first met her at Kate’s wedding he labelled her as being crazy. And when Kevin tore into Madison when Kate was giving birth Beth and Randall just sat there and let him doing it without telling him to leave her alone.] They offer to keep her company via the phone until Kevin gets there and it’s a lifeline Madison desperately needs at the moment.

I think the birth of the twins will finally bring Randall and Kevin back together. It’s one of the reasons I think Madison is better for Kevin than Sophie was. Sophie always seemed to drive a wedge between him and his family. She drove a wedge between him and Kate. Then while the family was grieving Jack’s death she got him to go off to New York with her. And when they came home to visit she got Kevin to stay with her family instead of his own.

Meanwhile the birth of Madison’s twins may bring Kevin and Randall back together and Madison is helping create a family for Kevin.

Will Kevin make it home in time to be there for the birth of his children even without ID? Is Kevin’s career as an actor over? And will the man Kevin rescued play some part in his future?

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