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This Is Us -- The Music and the Mirror


Beth closes her dance school...

Last time, Randall and Kevin made peace with the past…

The show is finally back from it’s month long hiatus with the final three episodes of the season. Tonight the primary focus of the episode is on Beth and her having to close up her dance studio because of the pandemic.

The beginning of the show shows Beth’s studio being successful then when the pandemic hit she had to teach her students in masks. Then she has to teach them by zoom. When she was down to only three students she told them this would be the last class. And now she’s finally getting to cleaning out the studio and having to give up her dream of a career in dance for the second time in her life. If you think about it the studio seemed to be cursed from the start when she had to have the opening outside because of the stench inside.

Randall is concerned about her mental health, especially when she keeps scarfing down dry Lucky Charms. He thinks it’s a bad sign and is worrying she’s going to have a breakdown, while Beth says she’s fine. Randall asks Deja to keep an eye on Beth. Deja’s having her own issues with Malik and his baby mama, but agrees to do it. It’s too bad that Tess is such an obnoxious wretch he can’t ask her to do it.

Beth is getting ready to return to the corporate world and has a Zoom interview. When the interviewer says she double booked and could Beth do this another time, Beth basically starts laughing and says not to bother. She didn’t want the job, anyway.

In the past the story is about Teen Randall and Beth. He planned this special night, including taking her to the ballet, and Beth just couldn’t go see someone else dance when she couldn’t. Then end up sharing a nice dance together and the past echoes the present as Randall comes to the studio where Beth is cleaning it out and gets her to share a dance with him like he did in the past.

The good thing to know thanks to the flash forward is Beth doesn’t give up her dream and opens another dance studio and this one is a success. So she isn’t getting her dream right now, but she will one day.

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Toby has gotten into DIY and is determined to fix a pipe in the ceiling; only he makes it worse. He places a 911 to his dad, who he has to tell he lost his job, and his father wonders if he went off his meds. Toby regrets calling his dad, but Dad comes through and fixes the problem. He also urges Toby, like Madison did, to tell Kate he doesn’t like being a stay-at-home Dad. He lets Kate think he fixed the pipe on his own and still doesn’t tell her how unhappy he is staying at home with the kids.

In the past Rebecca is trying to get Kate a job in her office, but she blows off the interview when she sits in a diner Jack took her to and ends up getting a job there as a waitress. When she tells Rebecca she feels Rebecca is ashamed of her.

Madison is going wedding gown shopping with Rebecca and Kate. She’s super nervous about saying the wrong thing to Rebecca and she’s not thrilled her father actually wants to come to her wedding. During the shopping trip her father texts her that he can’t come, after all, because something came up. Madison bursts out crying. There was actually a part of her happy he wanted to come despite how many times he’s let her down. Rebecca comforts her and Madison reveals her mother walked out on her when she was 8 and left her with her father which way like leaving her with no one. On the bright side she finds a beautiful wedding gown she loves.

While Madison is in the dressing room Kate and Rebecca have a warm mother/daughter moment. Rebecca tells Kate she’s always been proud of and loved every version there was of Kate. Kate takes Rebecca to her school and has the class sing for Rebecca. Rebecca says Kate has finally found the perfect job for her, as Kate continues to flourish in her job.

Kevin has a screening with Foster of the completed film and they manage to bury the hatchet and not in each other’s head. Kevin compliments Foster on the masterpiece he’s created. Only he’s lying and says the movie is drivel to his agent. One question: didn’t he realize that when he read the script? He has an emergency powwow with his people on how to save his career and he finds out his tendency to walk out on the middle of a project [the Manny TV show, the play and the movie] has made him box office poison and no one trusts him enough to hire him. He may have to go back to a TV show.

If that isn’t bad enough he happens to Zoe having a Zoom interview and while she seems like she’s being nice everything she says undercuts him and makes him have doubts about his relationship with Madison. She asks how he got together with Madison? Was it a one night stand and he got her knocked up. She most likely already knew that so that comment was unnecessary. Then she said he was doing what he always does and make the best of it. She even gives him an example that if he wants something to eat and she wants something different to eat he’ll go along with what she wants. Finally, Kevin seems upset she’s happy with her new man.

The only problem with her little analogy is Kevin has been the one pushing Madison into marriage, not the other way around. She was fine with things the way they were. She even gave Kevin time to decide what he really wanted and he claimed it was her and the twins. Now his ex makes a few catty remarks and now he thinks Madison is the one forcing him into this and he’s just making the best of it.

Further making Kevin think Zoe’s remarks were pearls of wisdom is he wants to watch the Bridgertons and Madison wants to watch the British Baking Show and he lets her watch what she wants. She and the twins fall asleep on the couch and Kevin tries to get the remote to watch what he wants to watch and they’re weighing him down preventing him from changing the channel.

Kevin has mucked up his career, not get ready for him to ruin his relationship with Madison. I wouldn’t take odds this wedding will even take place.

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