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This Is Us --- The Drive


Bringing home baby...

In this episode we get three timelines of bringing home baby. Jack and Rebecca are bringing home the Big Three. Randall and Beth are bringing home Annie. And Kevin and Madison are bringing home Frannie and Nick, while Kate and Toby and bringing home Hailey.

Baby Kyle’s death seems to be overshadowing the joy of bring home the Big Three. There a sadness to Rebecca as she goes through the motions, meanwhile Jack is strung pretty tight. Kevin hasn’t slept much and he’s strung pretty tightly himself while Madison is handling everything like a champ. Ellie seems a bit shell-shocked as Kate rattles on and presses her to agree to several get togethers with her daughter and Hailey. And Beth is pissed when Randall is already pushing her to have another baby when she hasn’t gotten over the labor she went through from the current baby.

There’s a lot of parallels between Jack and Rebecca and Kevin and Madison. Jack and Rebecca get cut off by a man in traffic and Jack pulls in the gas station and nearly goes for him until Rebecca puts a stop to it, while Kevin and Madison are followed by a paparazzi and Kevin suddenly stops and is about to go for him until Madison stops him. Madison handles the shutter bug by making a deal to tip him off when Kevin goes jogging so he can get a picture and promises Kevin will be shirtless.

Randall and Kate are paralleled a bit when neither is happy with what they got and are pushing for more. Beth makes it clear to Randall her baby making shop is closed and two is all the children they’re going to have. Meanwhile Ellie explodes that she can’t do what Kate wants and just wants to say goodbye to Hailey and then let this go. Toby has to claim her down when she acts like the whole adoption is in jeopardy because Ellie doesn’t want to live in each other’s pocket. Toby tries to make her understand that right now what Kate wants is way too much for Ellie and after some time pasts she may be more open to do what Kate wants.

Even though they both just had twins, Rebecca and Madison have to drive the babies home. Jack secretly downed a bottle of booze and he’s won’t get behind the wheel and drive and Madison tells Kevin he’s too tired to drive and she drives them home.

Once Jack and Rebecca get home, he confesses to drinking and she confides when she was young her mother had a miscarriage and she doesn’t want to be sad about Kyle’s death for the rest of her life. Jack tells Rebecca when he and Nick were kids when his father would come home he would suck all the air out of the room and he worries he’ll end up doing the same thing. Rebecca assures Jack that he’ll be the air in the room for his kids and doesn’t realize how right she is because the kids still have recovered from his death.

Kevin falls asleep and dreams Jack is alive and has made the twins stop crying. Jack tells him he has two beautiful babies and he needs to stop worrying he won’t be as good a father as Jack was. He tells Kevin he spent his life afraid he’d be a rotten father just like his father. Then he suggests Kevin close his eyes, takes a deep breath and decides what he wants.

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Kevin wakes up in the car to discover Madison has brought both babies in the house by herself and is taking to motherhood like a fish takes to water. He proposes to her again and gives her his hospital bracelet in lieu of a future engagement ring. Madison agrees to marry him, again.

Once Toby has Hailey settled he had to break some bad news to her. He got laid off at work. Kate takes the news in stride.

Randall tries to explain why he wants to have three kids [Personally, I think it’s because Jack had three kids]. He says he didn’t know where he came from and that the kids are branches of his tree. While it’s all very sweet I don’t think Beth is changing her mind.

We get another little look into the future. Deja is a med student and she’s pregnant. She’s not wearing a ring and we don’t know if Malik is the baby daddy. Annie picks her up to drive to Kevin’s to say goodbye to Rebecca. It seems only Annie knows she’s pregnant. When they arrive they’re greeted by Randall and Tess. Suddenly a white car drives up tooting and Randall says, “Look who’s here.”

And that’s how the episode ends this week.

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