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This Is Us -- The Adirondacks


Someone gets married, but it's not who you think...

Finally, doing last years This Is Us finale entitled, The Adirondacks. First off, is the title about the Kevin and Madison chairs that Nick gives as a wedding present or is that where the wedding is being held. I think it has to be about the chairs. The question is what does it mean? Or does it mean anything?

Madison is still thinking about how Kevin just joked off how he pictured their future when the kids were grown and out of the house. It’s caused her to take a not so pleasant trip down memory lane. She remembers her English mother tossing a pair of earrings at her as she announced she couldn’t live with Madison’s father another day, wishing her better luck in the love department and abandoning her. Apparently, she couldn’t live with her husband any longer but had no problem leaving her daughter to do just that. Definitely, not mother of the year. I wonder if she ever had any further contact with Madison. Would explain Madison having no desire to call her mother while she was giving birth.

As Nick films them, Madison jokes [or maybe she isn’t] this is Kevin’s last chance to call off the wedding, but he’s determined to go through with it. Even though the previous week we saw he didn’t really seem to want to marry her.

Rebecca also has deep thoughts on her mind. She wants to know all the details about Randall’s trip to learn about his bio mom and Randall is trying to avoid answering her questions. She finally corners him and he gives her the bare bone details of it which seems to satisfy her.

Aside from a bride who may be rethinking if she should go through with this marriage, the marquee Madison designed for the wedding collapses and Kevin tries to rebuild it. Then Tess pulls a Tess as she whines about not liking the beautiful bridesmaids dress she’s supposed to wear in the wedding. Beth always trying to score points with her bratty daughter decides to redesign it for her into a dress she likes better. It looked better before. Just saying…

Kate and Toby have their own drama going on. He tells her he got the job in San Francisco where he’ll have to work there 3 days a week. Kate offers to give up her job so they can move there, but her boss, Phillip, refuses to let her quit. So Kate suggests she and Toby have a long distance marriage and is sure they’ll be able to manage it.

While Nick unveils his wedding present, two Adirondack chairs with Kevin and Madison’s initials on them. They’d be perfect up at the house Kevin builds. Just saying…

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Meanwhile Madison remembers her father telling her she has to settle for what she can get when she tells him the boy she wanted to ask her to the prom didn’t ask her. Then she recalls the guy who broke up with her that lead her to the food meeting where she met Kate. He basically asks her what’s wrong with her. He just told her he didn’t love her and that should be enough; she shouldn’t think there’s something to talk about after that.

The memories spur on Madison to go to Kevin and confront him. She tells him she fell in love with him and wants to know if he’s in love with her. When he hems and haws about loving the family they’ve created and says his feelings will grow for her in time, she realizes she deserves better than to marry a guy that’s not in love with her. She calls off the wedding.

Later the family gathers around Kevin sitting in Nick’s wedding gift to Kevin and Madison and Rebecca is worried this might lead Kevin to drink, so she gives him a task to keep him busy. She asks him to build the house for her that Jack wanted to build.

The show ends with a flash forward five years in time to another wedding. Kevin is practicing a speech. Is it his wedding? There’s women’s items strewn all over the bedroom and bathroom. In the hall Nick is on a pantyhose run for his wife. Kevin also congratulates Randall on the article in the paper calling Randall a rising star. Finally, he enters the room where Madison and Beth are dressed as bridesmaids and Kate comes out dressed in a wedding gown. Madison and Beth throw Kevin out and he sees Phillip in the hall and it’s revealed Kate is about to marry Phillip. Fade to black as you are barraged with a million questions.

Who is Nick married to? Who is the woman sharing Kevin’s room? How did Kate and Toby break-up and how did she and Phillip get together? There’s also no sign of Rebecca. Just how much has her condition deteriorated in five years? Tune in next season for the final season of This Is Us.

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