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This Is Us -- One Small Step


The Twins are Nick's moon...

We saw at the end of last week’s episode that Nick [I just can’t call him Nicky] arrived at Kevin and Madison’s door. In this episode we learned just what it took for him to make that trip. Young Nicky was back, too, as we flashed back to pre-Rebecca Jack.

Jack had moved out of his folks house and it seemed to have made things improve between their parents or that’s what Nicky felt. Nicky, his mom and dad are watching the moon landing. Nicky reveals his artistic side by creating a miniature of the moon landing that he gives his father. His father thanks him but still can’t stop from snidely referring to Nick as SHE. Jack arrives are urges his brother to move out and get a life of his own. Nick feels his presence is helping keeping things pleasant between their parents.

When Jack realizes a girl named Sally is interested in Nick at the animal shelter he works at Jack tries to ask her out for Nick, but Sally puts Jack in his place telling him she doesn’t need his help if she wants to ask Nick out. To prove it she does ask him out and he agrees to go with her. She takes him out to her van which she lives out of to look at the moon and it isn’t long before they become lovers.

Sally is a free spirit and a photographer and she asks Nick to go with her to Woodstock and live in California with her. Nick says yes, but chickens out at the last moment, justifying it by saying it probably wouldn’t have worked between them anyway. The sad thing is if he had gone he wouldn’t have been there to receive his draft notice and neither he or Jack would have gone to Vietnam.

Years later, after he’d returned from Vietnam and was living in his trailer he got an invite to a reunion of vets. He went but didn’t go in. He saw Jack in the parking lot but couldn’t find the nerve to go up to him and try to make things up. Odds are Jack would have rejected him the way he did years later when he cam to his trailer. Jack was about to propose to Rebecca. Her father already thought he wasn’t good enough for her. I think that’s why Jack made a concerted effort to keep his family away from Rebecca and that would have included Nick.

In the present time Nick got an invite to the twins baptism but it was going to be held on Zoom and he had no idea what that was, so he decided to go to California to attend the ceremony. He made two beautiful water globes to give the twins as a present. He got Cassidy to wrap them so the packages looked beautiful and she drove him to the airport.

Of course, Nick being Nick nothing went right. The TSA agent rips the beautifully wrapped packages apart and ends up breaking them, so Nick has to dump them in the trash and lose the gifts he planned to give the twins. But he doesn’t let that mishap stop him from getting on the plane and arriving at Kevin and Madison’s.

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When everyone is asleep Nick goes in to see Nick and Frannie. He puts John Grisham books in their cribs as present and wrote in them and included a picture Sally took of him and Jack the one time she came to dinner at the Pearsons. He tells the twins they’re his moon. They gave him the same courage as the astronauts did who walked on the moon. He says they’re his moon.

The next morning Kevin finds Nick asleep in the twins room. He finds the books and the picture of him and Jack.

The interesting thing about the twins being the thing that got Nick to leave his trailer and finally come back into the world is Kevin taking care of him is the reason he decided he wanted a family. So it’s kind of come full circle.

In regards to Cassidy she’s obviously spending time with her son, but we really didn’t get any confirmation that she and her husband managed to get back together. As for Nick, speculation is high that now he’s out in California where he and Sally were supposed to go together that he’ll run into her and they’ll end up getting back together and living happily ever after. Me…

I think it’s going to end up being Nick and Cassidy. They’ve kept up their friendship. Every time Nick felt like cutting and running he called her to talk sense into him. I remember the shocking way they met. He threw a chair threw a window and almost hit Cassidy. Then when they were all in the AA meeting they found Kevin’s story funny, just like Kate and Toby found Madison’s story at the overeaters group funny. I know there’s a big age difference, but they really seem to get each other. Sally and Nick had a very brief relationship and after 50 years they won’t be the same person they were when they got together the first place.

I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

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