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This Is Us -- One Giant Leap


Nick finally finds out what would happen if he met Sally again...

Last time on This Is Us Kevin was having a hard time adjusting to his new normal now that Madison called off the wedding. Toby managed to sneak into town to surprise Kate for her birthday. And Randall confronted the burglar who broke into his house, sending him down a new path. Meanwhile Rebecca’s Alzheimer’s took a turn for the worse.

This episode was entitled, “One Giant Leap.” Which is another space connection. The first episode was called, “The Challenger.” It featured Nick and Deja taking a trip to see someone they had a love connection with.

Deja traveled to Boston by bus to see Malik. She met his Baby Mama who didn’t seem like a very pleasant person. And Malik confessed he feel he’s floundering in school. She gives him time to finish his paper before their weekend together begins. She also bought a hot new dress to wear for their evening out. While they’re out dancing Deja tells Malik she’s ready to be with him.

On the other end of the love spectrum is Rebecca who has had enough of Nick yapping about Sally and she tells them they’re going to meet her and get this over with one way or another. So she, Nick and Miguel take a road trip. In the car Rebecca looks at how old she’s become when she flashes back to when she and Jack went on a road trip together.

When they arrived at Sally’s Nick makes a confession. He hasn’t been talking to her on Facebook and he’s not even sure if she’s the right Sally. Rebecca isn’t letting him get off the hook that easy. She says enough years have passed and it’s finally time he either fishes or cuts bait. She makes him ring the bell and it turns out it’s the right Sally. Unfortunately, everything goes south for Nick after that.

Sally has no idea who he is. She still doesn’t remember him when he gives her some details of their romance. Worse yet, she’s married. She invites the threesome to dinner which quickly becomes the dinner from hell. Sally makes a joke about worrying she has Alzheimer’s cause she can’t remember Nick and Rebecca admits she does have it and its gotten worse. Then Nick starts talking about the moon and how Sally deflowered him in her van right in front of her husband. Then Rebecca talks about how she’s still sweating the small stuff even with her disease. And Sally confronts her husband for ignoring her and how he’s always watching TV instead of spending time with her.

Rebecca and Sally retire to her She Shed were they bond and talk about the last time they wanted to look in the mirror. Rebecca reveals she and Miguel used to go salsa dancing but when a young girl gave her a look like she was ridiculous for salsa dancing at her age she never went dancing again.

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Nick drifts into Sally’s She Shed and finds a picture of himself on her wall of memories and feels validated. Rebecca and Nick leave Sally’s in a better place than when they arrived. The question is is Sally. Will confronting her husband be enough to get him to get his act together and fix what’s wrong with their marriage.

Nick tells Rebecca and Miguel it’s time he head back east. He wants to check out how Kevin’s doing with the building of the house. Meanwhile Rebecca tells Miguel she wants them to go take a salsa dancing class so they can salsa dance together. She also tells Miguel she’s sorry he didn’t get the best of her but he’s happy with the Rebecca he got.

On the plane home Nick share some banter with a flight attendant named Edie whom he starts flirting with. Now that he’s free of the Sally specter he’s ready to move on to something new.

The show finally gets back to the future scene of Randall and Deja watching the white car drive up and toot it’s horn. They don’t show if the next person to be revealed comes out of the driver’s side or the passenger’s side. Unless the show changed it’s mind more than one person was supposed to be in that car. As the person approaches Randall and Deja she’s revealed to be Edie. Nick comes out and kisses her and she tells him she’s missed him. The flight attendant he met is his wife. She’s the one he was making a pantyhose run for at Kate’s future wedding.

So that answers a big question of who Nick married. He didn’t marry Rebecca because she thought he was Jack as some speculated; he also didn’t marry Cassidy as I thought. The writers pulled a rabbit out of their hats and had his wife be someone we never met before.

One nit-picky thing though. Nick said Sally wrote him letters while he was in the war. If she had wouldn’t she have remembered Nick. Also, after he stood her up why would she write him letters? How would she know he even got drafted or what his address is? It makes me think Jack wrote Nick those letters pretending to be Sally to make Nick think he had someone to come home to. If that’s a case I doubt we’ll ever see it revealed on the show as they kind of gloss over Jack’s less than stellar deeds like coming home from the war and telling his parents their son was dead when he wasn’t or seeming to abandon his mother once he bullied her into leaving his father.

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