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This Is Us -- Jerry 2.0


Kevin and Madison's bachelor parties reveal cracks in their relationships...

Last time, Randall was worried about Beth closing up her dance studio. Kevin saw Zoe on a zoom chat and her words left Kevin wondering about his relationship with Madison. Toby continued keeping from Kate how unhappy he is as Mr. Mom.

I actually thought having Zoe back would be nice, but I never thought she’d whisper a bunch of poison in Kevin’s ear acting like she meant it in a good way. She, like the world, knows Kevin got Madison pregnant and she saying, “How did you ever get together with Madison? Did you get her pregnant.” Then suggests he was making the best of it, not that he might actually love Madison. Then she’s quick to add, she didn’t mean it in a bad way. She was a Grade A bitch. And she should be happy that she pissed all over his life and made Kevin think it smelled like urine. She’s the one who dumped Kevin cause she didn’t want kids. Guess it was too much for her to wish him well. You could see by the end of the last episode Kevin was wondering if he was only settling for Madison. So, I wasn’t looking forward to this episode seeing the writing on the wall.

This episode is called Jerry 2.0 and I was wondering if that was an allusion to the movie Jerry Maguire and I didn’t realize how similar Kevin and Madison are to Jerry and Dorothy until this episode. It’s a bow to the movie that you hear Jerry 2.0 and it’s what comes to mind.

As it turns out, Jerry Maguire is Kevin’s favorite movie and he and Jack went to see it together when it came out. When Sophie isn’t taking well to long distance marriage and doesn’t want Kevin to go back to California, Kevin even makes a mission statement of them being together, forever, and growing old together. This plays a part in the present storyline when Kevin doesn’t do the same for Madison, which causes Kate to worry about Madison marrying her brother.

Further adding to the odds against Madison getting a hopefully happily ever after with Kevin is his precious Sophie calls him up. She wishes him well and says there’s a long story about why she has a new number. Before she can tell him Madison comes in to ask for help with the babies, unaware she’s just interrupted a lover’s chat. And you know every time Kevin talks to Sophie he realizes he’s still in love with her. So things are looking bad for Madison.

Kevin and Madison go their separate ways for their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Randall throws Kevin’s bash up at the cabin and it’s more of a bust. It rains so the guys watch Jerry Maguire and Nicky pipes up that Kevin is Jerry Maguire and he doesn’t think Jerry and Dorothy make it, which ticks Kevin off and he claims to love Madison. Miguel tries to settle the waters by saying while Jack and Rebecca’s romance was written in the stars, you can write your own like he and Rebecca did. Yeah, Kevin wanted a crazy love story like Jack and Rebecca and instead he got Rebecca and Miguel. I’m sure he’s even more thrilled to marry Madison after that.

During a campfire confessional Toby lets them know how much he doesn’t like being Mr. Mom and he’s gotten a job offer in San Francisco. By evening’s end Toby secretly calls saying he wants the job. So not only will Kate be the last to know Toby doesn’t like being Mr. Mom [he’s told her BFF, her brothers, her uncle and her mother’s husband] but he’s also putting her in a no-win situation. One could even say he’s sabotaging her.

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If Toby gets the job these are Kate’s options:

  1. Move to San Francisco with him and away the school that’s helping Jack and giving up her dream job.
  2. Staying in LA and having a long distance marriage. But even with that choice Kate won’t have anyone to look after Jack and Hayley while she’s working so she still may have to give up her dream job.

It’s taken Kate years for her to find a job she flourishes in and Toby is going to cause her to possibly have to give it up unless Madison and Rebecca can take care of the kids while she’s at work since it doesn’t pay enough money for childcare. But maybe that’s what Toby wants since he never wanted her to accept the job to begin with.

Kevin asks Randall how do you know you’re marrying the right woman and he deletes Sophie’s new number, but what do you bet she calls him up right before the wedding is supposed to take place to tell him she and Grant aren’t getting married, meaning he still has a chance with her. Maybe Grant dumped her after she went joyriding with her ex while leaving him stranded at her mother’s funeral where he didn’t know anyone.

Madison’s bachelorette party is a bit more fun, but it has its sour notes, too. Kate hired a nude model for them to paint and it turns out he’s an ex of Madison’s who ghosted her and Madison reveals she texted Kevin after their one night stand and he did the same to her, but she tries to put a nice bow on it for Rebecca’s sake. Kate gives a toast for her brother realizing how great Madison is and she says not really, he only realized that after he knocked her up. Finally, Kate did a newlywed type game to see if Kevin and Madison’s answers would match, and when asked how he sees their life after the kids are gone he won’t answer and says that’s a gag question. Madison tries to laugh it off, but later she rewatches what he said and you can see she isn’t fine with it, that it’s worrying her that he’s only marrying her because of the twins.

Before Kate heads home after the party is over she asks Madison if she’s happy and if marrying Kevin is what she really wants. She says she loves him. That he was for her throughout her pregnancy in ways she couldn’t imagine and that made her love him. Madison also assures Kate that nothing will ever come between their friendship. This caused people to wonder if something is about to happen to cause problems between Kate and Madison.

During a moment during the party Beth confides in Rebecca she’s gotten a job offer from a dance company, but she hates how regimented it is. Rebecca says she should take the job and change that. And Beth encourages Rebecca to ask Randall about his trip to New Orleans when she wonders why he hasn’t told her anything about it.

And Uncle Nick starts searching the Internet trying to find Sally.

So, as we head into the wedding finale and the last season finale before the final season it may be Madison who pulls the plug on the wedding deciding she deserves more that marrying someone who appears to only want to marry her because of the twins.

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