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This Is Us - In The Room


The Twins are Born

We pick up where we left off. Madison is in labor and Kevin’s trying to get there in time. Randall and Beth are Zooming her to keep her company while they hope Kevin will make it in time.

Kate is also going through her own birth drama as her baby mama waits to give birth, as well. There’s some awkward moments when the birthing nurse is told to refer only to Kate as the baby’s mother, and she’s just the vessel bringing forth the baby. Furthermore, she doesn’t want to see the baby after it’s born.

Meanwhile because of Covid restrictions only one person is allowed in the birthing room so Toby is camping out in the parking lot waiting for news of the baby’s birth. He’s also been given the honor of choosing the baby’s middle name. He runs into trouble when an old man shows up saying he’s in his parking place and he wants him to move. Turns out he comes there every night and parks in the spot while awaiting news about his wife, Rose, who has Covid. She doesn’t want him to come visit her so he won’t catch it. Seeing the man has a good reason for wanting the spot, Toby moves.

There’s some awkward moments after Baby Hailey is born when Ellie decides she wants to hold her after all and be left alone with her. Is she changing her mind about giving up the baby? No, she just wants to say goodbye to her.

Kate videos Toby to tell him Hailey is there and show him what the baby is and he decides to give her the middle name of Rose, in honor of the man in the parking lot. Shortly after that the man gets a video chat from his wife and they’re taking her off the ventilator and feel she’s going to be fine and able to come home soon.

Kevin arrives as Randall is telling Madison the story of when Kevin got drunk and wanting him and Randall to become a boy band to distract Madison from the really big needle they’re about to stick in her and which is freaking her out. Kevin thanks Randall and Randall signs off while Kevin takes over. Kevin tells Madison he walked off the movie and that she and the babies are the most important thing to her.

Then its time to birth the twins. Kevin names his son Nicholas after Uncle Nick and Madison names her daughter Frances after her grandmother. Nicky and Frannie for short.

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Meanwhile Rebecca is feeling like she broke a promise to Jack cause she can’t be with Kevin or Kate while they’re welcoming new children. The backstory is the kids not wanting to go up to the cabin so Rebecca suggests she and Jack go alone. Jack is bummed and accuses Rebecca of trashing the kids. Then they discover there’s a leak and it destroyed some of the kid’s old art work. Rebecca frames a water-damaged painting of all their hands and tells Jack [whose suffering from growing pains and that he’s not ready for the kids to grow-up and move away from them.] they’ll always be a part of the important moment in their kids lives. Of course the irony is Jack will die in the next couple of years and he’ll never live to see the kids grow up and leave the nest. Rebecca feels better when she meets her new grandkids through video chat.

Kevin calls Randall up to thank him for looking after Madison and to tell Randall he’s the best man he knows and that Randall’s right, he’s trying to be him. [Me at this point I’m waving the white flag. Kevin’s basically saying all that BS Randall threw at him is true. Randall will never be called on his shit. I give up. All the characters will kiss his feet in adoration and that’s just the way it is.]

Throughout this episode was the love story of this couple as viewers tried to connect the dots on how they’re related to the Pearsons. They met and it was love at first sight even though they were total opposites. He was a genius egghead and she seemed to be just an average girl. They had a son. And one night he comes home late because he was so involved in his work. She tells him to explain what he’s doing so she can forgive him for disappointing their son but explain it to her in simple terms. He’s basically the man who invented the technology that allowed the Pearsons to be able to video chat with each other and share this important family moment in the midst of a pandemic. It also turns out he and his wife are still married and happy.

Kevin calls up Nick to let him know he named his son after him and Nick is touched. Then Kate calls up Kevin and declares that Frances, Nicholas and Hailey are the new Big Three.

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t nitpick about something and it’s Kate trying to group text about her adopted baby being born. Last time she texted Randall he ghosted her and the last time she saw him he just told her he was too tired to make her feel good about herself. So exactly when did they make up? Or is she forgetting all about that?

This was actually the happiest episode This Is Us has ever done. I was certain Kate’s birth mother would change her mind because generally when one character is happy another is miserable, and we know Kevin and Madison’s are still alive at the age of 10, at least. In a rarity all the characters had a happy ending.

Another theme of the episode seemed to be long lasting relationships. Is that a good sign for Kevin and Madison and does it mean that the flash forwards making it appear Toby and Kate broke up is a big fake out? I guess only time will tell.

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