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This Is Us -- Honestly


Are the writers rewriting history?

The title of this episode was Honestly, but I’d probably say it more with exasperation. Honestly? I really feel like they’re trying hard to retcon the Randall character from what we’ve seen for the last four seasons. And also retcon Jack and Rebecca from being lousy parents to Kevin because they had to always put needy Randall first.

The backstory this week was Kevin wouldn’t stop crying as a baby and Jack on advice from Miguel was making Rebecca not go to him and let him cry it out. This goes directly against what Rebecca said in Kevin’s therapy session that she didn’t feel Kevin needed her and he cringed from her touch. Then it zipped ahead to the kids when their teens and Kevin doesn’t want to put in the work to remember the football plays and Jack says Rebecca’s too soft on Kevin. She wasn’t soft on Kevin all the times she took Randall’s side over Kevin. Kevin hears what Jack said to Rebecca so he goes to Randall to help his memorize all the football plays and Randall claims he has to keep his grades up because of the school he goes to. [me inserting a sarcastic honestly in here.] How does that go with threatening to bully a teacher into changing his grade and belitting Kevin for the one A he got. And what about Randall deciding to go out for football at his school. I imagine him knowing all the rival school’s plays was a big help with his team played against Kevin’s. Like I said retcon and I kind of expect better from the writers to do this.

In the present Kevin’s new director isn’t impressed by him. He keeps making him redo a scene over and over again. He tells Kevin he could be a great actor. Once again, it’s another case of Kevin not digging deep. He goes home and uses the study techniques Randall taught him to improve his performance. Me rolling my eyes. I’m sure Randall will be thrilled that his study technique is helping Kevin’s acting since he’s never been anything but disdainful about Kevin’s acting.

Randall decides to let Malik be his intern. However, Malik’s mom calls while Malik is running Randall’s daily podcast and instead of turning the camera off he leaves it running while Randall stands up and does a little striptease in front of the camera thinking it’s off. [HONESTY?] It’s obviously was just so the video would go viral and Randall’s not dead mommy would see it and realize he’s her son. Seriously, how out of character for uptight Randall to do something like that in his office when anyone could have walked in on him. It’s was just a real eye-rolling moment. And, of course, Randall doesn’t get any backlash for it, either. Anyone else had done that they’d be in trouble and be asked to resign. But this is Randall and it’s all good in the hood.

Kate accompanies her future baby mama to her doctor’s appointment and it makes her think about the past. When she gets home she tells Toby about her relationship with Marc who didn’t treat her well. She says no one knows that her relationship with Marc didn’t end at the cabin when Rebecca kicked him out. Turns out the real reason she didn’t go to New York with the rest of the family is because she found out she was pregnant by Marc.

The last season is Laurel’s boyfriend, Hai, sees Randall’s podcast and when he mentions William he puts it all together that Randall is Laurel’s son.

And this was the fall finale episode. There will be no Thanksgiving this season. Or no big cliffhanger. The show will return in January.

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For me the episode was a big WTF. As I said, I think they’re retconning the Randall character and I can only think it’s because of Black Lives Matters. That’s not what the BLM movement is about. It’s about black people being treated the same as white people. It’s not about homogenizing a characters that was written as one way for four seasons and now they’re trying to make him look better than he was.

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