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This Is Us -- Both Things Can Be True


Some people can be so rude!

The latest episode of This Is Us is entitled Both Things Can Be True. Tensions rise with the planning of Kevin and Madison’s rehearsal dinner and Tess taking advantage of her significant other being a girl so she thinks the house rules don’t apply to her. And Toby and Madison’s play date at the park turns into true confessions…

After Randall’s fantasy of screaming it out in the lake with the ghost of his mother I thought all his therapy sessions were over, but he’s actually joined a group of people expressing what they felt being racially different in the family that adopted them. Randall keeps quiet and doesn’t say anything as he listens to the people in the group say what he was feeling. That he was always looking for his bio parents with anyone who was the same race as he was. That as close as he was to Rebecca he always wished she was his bio mom instead. And as much as he loves the family that raised him he wishes he had never been adopted.

Beth is freaking out over the right pronoun to call Tess’ they and she lets her get away with taking her they up to her room and closing the door. When Deja finds out she rightly points out she’s not allowed to take Malik up to her room and definitely not allowed to close the door so how come entitled Tess is allowed to. Beth goes up to tell Tess she and her they have to study downstairs and catches them getting into some heavy petting and Tess acts like the victim and calls Beth a psycho and then she plays the gay card against Beth saying she looked at her in a particular way. Beth never gets to lay the rules down to the spoiled manipulative brat she’s raised cause then she plays the guilt card on Beth saying she doesn’t know if they’ll ever be close again. When were they ever close? This snot-nose does everything she can to put down and disrespect Beth. Anyone remember the way she treated Beth at the dinner a couple of weeks ago? Absolutely no sympathy for this obnoxious brat.

Now that Nick is here he decides to jump in to helping Kevin plan the wedding. Part of that jumping in is clashing with Miguel over the plans for the rehearsal dinner and wanting to co-host it with Miguel. He complains about the food Miguel wants to have and then he accuses Miguel of swooping down on Rebecca as soon as Jack was dead. Miguel has found his voice and isn’t going to take this from the newly returned Pearson and says he and Rebecca didn’t marry until 13 years after Jack’s death. Later, Nicky calls Miguel to apologize and Miguel assures him he never replaced Nick as Jack’s brother.

The past story is Miguel helping Jack prepare to propose to Rebecca. Jack fake proposes to Miguel and Miguel gets the engagement ring stuck on his finger. Enter Rebecca's father who says he'll tolerate Jack being married to Rebecca and that just doesn't fly with Miguel. He tells Rebecca's father how lucky he is to have Jack as a son-in-law and in return Rebecca's daddy tells Miguel how to unstick the ring from his finger.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Madison meet with a wedding planner that gets them this huge villa to have the wedding in, but that’s not where Madison really wants to get married and she pretends to be excited about it and goes along with what Kevin wants as usual. During a play date with Toby at the park Madison admits there’s a spot she’s always wanted to get married in and he advises her to tell Kevin the truth. Then Toby admits that he loves his kids but hates staying home as a stay-home dad. He misses going to work. He loves going to work. Madison suggests he tell Kate this. Later, Madison tells Kevin her father was always working and never spent anytime with her so her mother put her foot down an insisted they all go on a family trip on his next business meeting. It was in Japan and they spent this wonderful day together in this Japanese garden. Even though her parents told her they were getting a divorce after that perfect day, she’s always looked back on that day as a perfect day and she knows of a park which has always reminded her of the park she spent that day with her parents and wonders if they could get married there instead and Kevin says no problem.

Kevin’s having a problem of is own. He wants Randall to be his best man but with their estrangement he’s having a hard time figuring out what to say in an email. So he calls up Randall and says maybe it’s time they have that talk and is going to come visit Randall.

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Kate’s first day at her new job doesn’t go as well as she’d hoped. She misses her kids and her co-worker doesn’t like her texting during class. He also doesn’t think she should have been given the job because she has no experience, but when she gets through to a student that her co-worker couldn’t maybe she just changed his mind. When Kate gets home she’s on a high and Toby just can’t bring himself to tell Kate he hates being a house husband.

Finally, in a rare nice moment between Beth and her mother she gives her some sage advice on how to deal with her bratty daughter. Beth ends up laying her head on her mother’s shoulder which she probably hasn’t done since she was a child.

Kevin and Madison’s engagement makes Us Weekly and two of Kevin’s exes and one of his one night stands takes notice of it. Is this some future hint of a threat to the wedding actually happening? I don’t think Cassidy plays much a threat but Zoe and Sophie could. Madison made a play for Kevin at Kate’s wedding and he chose to hook up with Zoe instead. They only broke up because Zoe didn’t want to have kids. If Zoe mentions how Kevin tried to convince himself he was okay with it will Madison start wondering if Kevin is just convinced himself he wants to marry her? Then there’s Sophie who kind of lead to Kevin and Madison’s hook-up. Kevin was upset about losing Sophie [even though he knew months ago she was going to marry someone else]. She looked like she had mixed feelings about the news and every time Kevin sees her he thinks he wants to get back together with her. If she shows up at the wedding will the same thing happen again?

The Return of the Exes could be a good thing. Kevin and Madison have kind of drifted into this relationship and haven’t really discussed how they feel about each other. Everything in their relationship has been about being parents to the twins. This will definitely be the acid test for Kevin and Madison’s relationship. Will they sink or swim?

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