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This Is Us -- A Long Journey Home


Kate takes a journey to her past...

This episode is entitled A Long Road Home.

The backstory tells about what Kate was going through while Rebecca and Randall were visiting Kevin in New York. Retcon Randall is in full view and he’s all friendly and chummy with Kevin. Of course, if you rewatch the episode where they went to New York to visit Kevin and Randall pretty much an uptight dick to Kevin. Kevin announces he’s heading to California to try his luck at Hollywood and Sophie is staying in New York to go to school. Later, Randall calls Kevin urging him not to go to California cause Sophie is the best thing to ever happen to him. [Pardon me while I gag in my mouth a little.] Kevin assures him he and Sophie will survive the separation. Okay, This Is Us writers, please stop this Kevin/Randall BS. For four seasons they’ve done nothing but snipe at each other. Randall only ever opened his mouth to put Kevin down. Now he’s worrying about him. Bull! Just stop the BS.

I was a little surprised Kevin was heading to California so soon. By the way it was talked about I thought Kevin had been married a few years to her before he went to California and cheated on her and they divorced. So, it seems their marriage was pretty short-lived, indeed.

Meanwhile Rebecca is trying to reach Kate but she’s not answering. She’s actually at an abortion clinic making an appointment. She figures with her entire family out of town she can get abortion and they’ll never know. Because she’s 18 she doesn’t need her parent’s permission, but she does have to wait and can’t get the abortion right then and there.

Kate ends up going to see Marc. I think she came to tell him she was pregnant. They end up watching a movie and Marc is all pissy cause he didn’t get to watch the movie HE wanted to watch. While he’s out in the kitchen Kate just walks out without saying a word, finally getting Marc just isn’t the guy for her. Later, she goes through with the abortion and never told anyone about it.

In the present Toby is hurt Kate never told him about this. She tries to explain she kept it a secret from everyone. That for a long time she was very broken but now she’s better thanks to him. She decides she wants to track Marc down and finally tell him off for the horrible way he treated her. Toby agrees to go along with her.

She finds Marc working in a record store much like he was when she met him. It’s like he’s stuck in a time warp and his life hasn’t changed much from when she met him. She tells him he took advantage of a girl who was grieving for her father, but she’s better now and has found someone who treats her well and who loves her. She walks away from Marc finally feeling free of the past.

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Kevin and Madison are interviewing nannies and they pick a nanny to the stars. Then Kevin learns he has to go to Vancouver for his movie. He’s going to refuse to go but Madison urges him to go. They also reach a fork in the road when Kevin makes it clear he expects Madison and the kids to travels wherever he goes to make a movie. That’s not the kind of childhood she wants for her kids. She once again reiterates she can do this herself and suggests while Kevin’s away he rethink if he really wants to be all in with her and the kids. On the way to the airport he calls Randall needing someone to talk to. He apologizes to Randall for what he said, but Randall blows him off cause he’s got something more important going on at the moment.

I hate Kevin apologized. Randall said horrible things to make Kevin feel like an insect beneath his feet and you can bet he’ll never apologize for it. You can bet he’ll never apologize to Kate for the way he treated her, either. She’ll just be honored he deigned to give her the time of day.

Hai, Laurel’s boyfriend reaches out and touches Randall by telling him he knew his mother and she didn’t die when he thought she did. At first, Randall doesn’t want to even pursue it because it’ll mean William lied. But he eventually calls Hai and agrees to come to New Orleans to hear what the man has to say.

So the next episode should be all about Randall, again. They really should rename the show This Is Randall.

In regards to the episode title Kate journeyed back to the past to confront her past and had a catharsis. So she’s free of her past. It seems Randall is also going to take a journey to this past. Meanwhile Kevin’s past and present are repeating themselves with Kevin going away for his career so he’s journeying away from home. Will he have a long journey home back to Madison and their kids?


Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on January 16, 2021:

Kathlyn, it's a lovely and nice story. The characters were all young and full of life and vim. Thanks for the intestly read.

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