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The ten best Werewolf Movies!



Here are my favorite werewolf movies. I recommend them highly for the following reasons. But first, I will say that if Scream of the Wolf with Peter Graves, Clint Walker and Jo Ann Pflug, was actually a werewolf movie, it would have landed here.

I wrestled with Big Bad Wolf but that was disappointing, even though it almost made it.

The comedies like Never Cry WW, and Teen Wolf didn't make it because this is more about horror. And movies that had werewolves in them but were more about something else didn't make it either. Under World, Prince Caspian, and many others had werewolves in them but they weren't the many focus.

Werewolf Games

The warm up session.

Honorable mention- The undying Monster- 1942. A creepy tale set in a frightening castle, a long time ago. This is a rare but great classic from Universal! Since this was so different, I didn't know where to rank it. I really enjoyed though.

13. The Brotherhood of the Wolf- I was disappointed in this and found it to be over rated. But it deserves a mention. The acticting was solid but this seemed to drag too much.

12. The Howling part 5. This had a low budget and no cast but, the suspense and plot were awesome. Just the premise of a group of strangers being notified to meet at a remote castle was creepy. After they arrived, the horror that took place, only set us up for a blood chilling ending.

11. Werewolf of Washington. This was funny and over the top.The ending was creepy and a bit surprising too.

The trailer for the best!

The whole movie!

Ed Wood should have tried a Werewolf flick.LOL


10. Silver Bullet- Gary Busy was in every other kind of movie; why not a werewolf? The wolf was cleverly hiding, but terrified villagers never stop snooping.

9. American Werewolf in Paris- They script and acting should have been better. But the special effect and some of the characters make it a worth while watch. The wolves were nasty and terrifying.

8. Dog Soldiers- A group of Scottish Soldiers have a host that is happy to welcome them. Don't worry, this isn't a love story! The acting was somewhat amateurish but the story and action were great!

7. Wolf- Jack Nicholson and Michelle Phiefer lead an all star cast in this blood chilling thriller. The acting was of course remarkable! This was different than most but the weirder parts like the ending may have hurt it.

6. Ginger Snaps!- Two sisters survive high school by sticking to together. Nothing can tear them apart. Nothing but a massive, unstoppable monster that is!

5. Frankenstein meets the Wolfman- Larry Talbot is accidentally raised from his mausoleum and of course, the idiots chose a full moon! Larry awakens and tries to find a way to kill the wolfman. Meanwhile, Mr. Talbot makes a friend that wants a piece of the wolf himself! Bela and Lon Jr. were great together.

4. The Curse of the Wolfman- The late, great Oliver Reed was a brute in this one as usual, and Hammer was at its best!

The story was very unique and disturbing as an unspeakable evil was thrust into being( much like the beginning of Freddy Krueger's life). A young, disturbed woman tries to flee from an abusive past, but neither she, nor anyone, can outrun this curse!

3. Werewolf of London- This terrifying force inspired Warren Zevon and I. A black and white terror from the 30s.

2. American Werewolf in London- A young, confused American wanders England as a viscous beast terrifies the good people there. A search for the truth amidst horrific nightmares can't take place soon enough!

Werewolf Warren!

The lone wolf.....number 1.

1941 The Wolfman- Lon Chaney Jr teams up with the great Evelyn Ankers, Bela Lugosi, Ralph Bellamy (Trading Places), and many others to bring us the beast that nightmares are made of. Hold on to your wolfbane and silver as the moon turns full!


Michelle Dee from Charlotte, NC on June 10, 2012:

American Werewolf in London was a great movie. I'm not a werewolf fan but when that movie came out in 1981 I couldn't stop watching it.

Also Silver Bullet by Stephen King was a good one -- I thought it was really scary and figured out in the beginning that the preacher was the werewolf - because he looked like one as a human!!

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