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These are my Top 10 Anime Special Finishing Attacks


In every anime fight there will always be a tiebreaker of sorts. Both the hero and villain will be at their very limit and will only want to end the battle as soon as possible. This means using the last ace they had up their sleeve. We call these special finishing attacks. They are usually overblown and incredibly powerful moves that destroy mountains and valleys in their wake. Nevertheless, the characters use it with the sole intention of winning and rarely ever think of the destruction left behind, only considering it a sacrifice they had to make.

Yet we can't help but feel most excited when we know the characters are going to use these finishers. We have been waiting the whole time for the battle to reach its climax and for this to happen. It would be a terrible ending to a battle if the characters didn't have to push themselves and if it all ended with a small punch to the face. That is why creators and fans alike are so in love with these special attacks. They have the flare, the awe-factor and the raw power that every anime fight deserves.

That is why I have created a list of the top ten best anime special finishing attacks. I have considered all the anime I have watched and tried to keep at this minimum since there are so many to choose from. The list is not in any specific order and I have only selected one from each anime series. Alright let's begin that list then!


Naruto's Planetary Rasengan:

I had to choose one type of Rasengan for this list and you can imagine what a pain that really was. This guy has way too many names for this chakra wind ball he chucks at people but we all have to admit that every time he does, it is pretty amazing. I chose this one out of all the other types since it seemed to me to be the most perfect and ultimate form of the attack. It is composed of one large ball which is then orbited by three smaller ones. He uses it when in Nine-tails chakra mode and completely destroys the enemy with it.


Ichigo Kurosaki's Getsuga Tenshou

The famous wave shaped like a crescent moon, this move has been a source of inspiration and awe for many. I remember the first time I saw it I was completely blown away at the sheer power and destructive manner of the attack. I just thought one thing as the sky was pierced in the episode and Ichigo stood back looking at what he had done: I do not ever want to be on the wrong side of that guy.


The Witch Hunt Slash from Maka Albarn and Soul Evans

There were many amazing finishers to choose from this anime that I would have liked in here. The kid's cannon attack was one of the best looking and most powerful ones too. Yet, I felt compelled to choose this one instead. After much practice and hard work that the viewers get to experience and see throughout the show, Maka and Soul are ready to create the perfect Witch Hunt Slash. They had used it a couple times but it was not until they got to use the Kamaitachi version of it that they really unleashed all the power that the attack withheld.


Gigas Drill Breaker from Simon and Kamina

Used and perfected by each of the main characters separately, the Gigas Drill Breaker is an overpowered attack that is sure to destroy everything in its wake. Their gunmen, the Gurren Lagan, combines and transforms to have large drills coming out of every possible surface before throwing clasping sunglasses at the enemy. After the opponent is caught, the giant mecha becomes a giant drill that basically pierces through the heaves. Sounds a bit ridiculous? It might not sound as powerful when I talk about it like that but trust me, this attack has way too much power to its name.

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Decapitation Mode from Ryuko Matoi

Known to be characteristic to her Scissor blade, this attack uses the life fibers synchronization to just destroy the opponents Goku Uniform and take their fibers. The blade extends twice its size and releases almost unimaginable power. The buildup to this attack is also always high and long winded so getting so finally see it in action every time remains exciting and welcoming.

The Dragon of the Darkness Flame from Hiei

Gosh there were so many attacks to choose from in Yu Yu Hakusho. The selection was really amazing and filled with devastating combos. However, the moment I re-watched this dragon being put to the use, I knew it had to be on this list. An uncontrollable and evil power, this was only used in extreme cases since it could potentially hurt anyone. Hiei even learned how to get energy from the attack by using it on himself. I think what I like the most about it though is just how awesome it looks. I always wished I could summon something like that when in a pinch, but then again, I don't have fire demon, evil powers so that will have to wait.


The Jet Gatling Gun from Luffy

One Piece also has a huge roster of attacks, but the sheer power of this one still has me stunned. Once Luffy is in Second Gear, a mode that allows for speed and mobility, he unleashes this devastating barrage of punches that just never seem to end. Most famously recognized when used against Lucci, that attack has gotten unending praise and love for it ever since. I think seeing a clip of it on YouTube was what actually got me to start watching One Piece in the first place. In conclusion, it was and will always be an absolutely awesome finishing attack.

The Spirit Bomb from Goku

I wanted to put the Kamehameha Wave or even the Dragon fist, but this; this HAD to be in the list. Used as a last resource, the Spirit Bomb is a ki based attack that consists on throwing a gigantic power ball to your enemy. Doesn't sound smart? When you consider how hard it is evading it after all the Z fighters have beaten the pulp out of you, it is an efficient finisher. The thing about this attack is that it got so many people involved. To create it, Goku would always ask for energy from the world, from the people. So, naturally all of us raised our hands when we saw that he needed our help, no matter how many episodes it took.

The Ryouzanpaku Rhythm or the Ryouzanpaku Combo from Kenichi

After diligent studying and practice under a large group of masters, Kenichi has started to become a master at mimicking them! This finishing combo for the anime series was just something unexpected and unbelievable. It is an amazing feat to include so many martial arts into one large mix of attacks but Kenichi managed it flawlessly.

The Wind Scar from Inuyasha

Often times imitated, never fully replicated, this attack now seems to be a running gag in other anime while back in the day it was the thing of legends. Everyone wanted to have the Tessaiga to dish out this move on anyone in their path. The best part of the attack is that it could adapt and change according to what the sword had changed into, making it a reliable and interesting finisher.

The selection of anime finishing attacks grows with every day but these will forever be legendary and amazing signature moves that will be forever etched in our brains. There are still not that many that reach the level of potential and power as these do. There are many honorable mentions, but in my eyes, these are the best of the best.

Article by: Steven Gutiérrez

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