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There's a New Predator on the Loose

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There's a new xenomorph out there!

There's a new xenomorph out there!


Director: Dan Trachtenberg

Staring: Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Dane DiLiegro, Stormee Kipp, Michelle Thrush

Runtime: 1 hour 39 minutes Rated: R

Be Afraid, Be very afraid

Recently, we penned a brief overview of the Predator films and their presence here on Earth (with aside trip to looking at the Alien films and how they cross over with the Predator franchise) . You can find that article over here. Now we’d like to let all’y’all know what we think of the latest film in the franchise, Prey. So, without further ado, here is our review of Prey.

Prey | Official Trailer | Hulu

Meet Naru, (Amber Midthunder)

Unlike any of the other films in this franchise, Prey takes place in the past (other than either the present or future). The film opens up on a vista of the Northern Great Plains of what will eventually become the U. S. 1719. When first we meet Naru, (Amber Midthunder) she is asleep, and jolted awake by her mother’s foot, summing her to come out with the rest of the women to forage for food in the surrounding vegetation.

We have a new heroine

Comanche Nation

Comanche Nation

Hunter, tracker, warrior

The thing we first notice about Naru is that unlike the other women, she has painted her face like the men of the tribe. The reason for this, is that she sees herself like a hunter and tracker, while everyone else in the tribe sees her as a squaw. Needless to say, gathering food is so totally not for her, and soon she is off in the woods with her dog, Sarii practicing throwing her ax. (A skill that she clearly excels at more so than simply digging up edible roots. The problem for Naru, you see, is that no one in her tribe sees her as anything other than just another squaw.

...and She Comes out Fighting

Can this girl fight!

Can this girl fight!

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And meet her little dog, Sarii!

Needless to say, hunting and tracking aren’t her only skills, as she is also something of a healer, having learned the arts from her mother. This comes into play later in the film, when first Sarii and then another member of the tribe have been injured and she uses her skills to help both. She is also very observant (which helps with her tracking skills) and early on senses — rather than actually observes — a predator ship approaching, interpreting it as a hunderbird, a sign that she is to become a great tracker.

Stealing every scene he's in

Dog Gone Good!

Dog Gone Good!

The story thus far

As the film progresses, Naru’s older brother, Taabea (Dakota Beavers), lead a team of braves out into the woods to track down another brave who was hunting a mountain. When they discover him, he has been injured, so Naru goes to work on healing him with her herbs, while her brother and the others construct a stretcher. Taabea chooses to stay behind to hunt the lion while the others transport the injured brave to the village. On their way they cross the tracks of the Predator as well as a snake he killed and skinned earlier. This causes Naru some concern and chooses to return to warn her brother with one of the other braves.

Stalking your prey

The hunted becomes the hunted

The hunted becomes the hunted

We're betting you know how this all ends

Well, not to give it all away, but — not entirely unexpectedly — she and Taabea do wind up going up against the Predator (as well as a group of French-Canadian trappers who attempt to make their own stand against the creature, much to their dismay, with the ultimate resolution not really that much in doubt (honestly, have you actually ever seen any of these films? If so, what comes at the end shouldn’t really be that much of a shocker.)

Stalking her stalker

You don't want to make her angry

You don't want to make her angry

Winding it all up

Finally, a few observations of how this film plays out. In no particular order, it has been postulated (mostly by fans) that this is perhaps the first of these highly evolved Predators to ever land on Earth (this in spite of what we seemed to have learned from the very first teaming of these twin extraterrestrial monsters back in ’04 — they have already been here for thousands of years). Also, (and this is the perhaps still unlearned lesson that no one has ever quite been able to pick up or capi

Bring it home

She's the "captain" now!

She's the "captain" now!

There's a version in Comanche

Having said all that, we will go on record saying that this is far and away the finest Predator film that has come out of this franchise, and with its clear success, we can only hope for more in this vein. Oh, and for those of you that are interested this sort of thing, we heard from a French friend of ours, the French spoken in the film, is an older dialect of French. Also, Hulu has released a version of the film dubbed in Comanche.

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