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The Toughest Breaking Bad Trivia Challenge Ever Compiled

John Bridges is a published author of history, and politics. His doctorate is in criminal justice.

Breaking Bad

If you watch closely, the opening credits for Breaking Bad do show the chemical formula for creating methamphetamine

If you watch closely, the opening credits for Breaking Bad do show the chemical formula for creating methamphetamine

Quiz is at the End of the Article: Fun Facts First to Warm Up With

Breaking Bad was more of a phenomenon than a show. Care was taken to build complex characters, maintain continuity, and include artistic appeal in the writing. If a fan watches the show 100 times, they will pick up on new details every time. Only the greatest fans will be able to survive the toughest Breaking Bad trivia quiz at the end of this article. As a warm-up, here are some facts about Breaking Bad you may not know.

Although great care was taken to keep continuity, there are several things that were later added to the script to address errors that had previously been shown. There are also a few things that never were addressed and remain in error.

Somethings Not Right: Keeping Continuity

6 hours were allotted to getting this scene right, Cranston nailed it on the first attempt.

6 hours were allotted to getting this scene right, Cranston nailed it on the first attempt.

When Walter threw the pizza on the roof, he accomplished this tricky shot in just one take which was something nobody expected. Many avid fans tried to duplicate the maneuver, but the pizza slices would not stay together. Upon closer examination these fans noted that Walt’s pizza was unsliced. The writers later addressed this when unsliced pizza was delivered to Jesse’s house.

In the final season, Walt inexplicably takes off the watch he is wearing and places it atop the pay phone and walks away. The reason was that scenes were shot out of order and Walt was not wearing the watch in the upcoming scenes; rather than re-shoot, the writers used this scene to explain why the watch was missing. They never bothered to explain why Walt left the watch behind.

Gus takes great pride in telling Hector that his entire family is now dead. What is neglected though, is that since Tuco had a brother in-law, it can be inferred he also has a sister. She was not killed.

When Jesse stops by his aunt's house, his parents are remodeling it for sale. His father explains that his mother insisted on moving the garage. In reality, the home where the scenes were filmed had been sold and the new owner had moved the garage. This scene was used to explain the change. The new owners only allowed exterior scenes to be filmed, and as such a set resembling the inside of the home were used in future episodes.

Although the show lasted five seasons, Walt aged only three years, Walter Junior aged one year, and the only other birthdays celebrated were one for Ted and One for Elliot. Walter’s birthday also does not stay consistent, officially it is Sept 7th, but in the final season he is leaves New Hampshire, driving through feet of snow, arrives 30 hours later to have his breakfast meal at a Denny’s in Albuquerque. New Hampshire is still reasonably warm in September.


Walter White

Bryan Cranston was not the first choice for the role of Walter White. Executives were concerned he could not effectively shake his role as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. The executives wanted either Matthew Broderick or John Cusack for the role.

In the opening credits, each actors name is highlighted with an element from the periodic table. Bryan Cranston’s is the only one that changes. The elements assigned to his name as actor are different than the ones assigned for his directing work.

Cranston’s real-life daughter plays a small role in the show. During the school assembly addressing the airplane collision, she is the girl who questions why God would let such a thing happen.

Whenever Walt kills someone, he takes on some of the characteristics of the deceased. After killing Crazy 8, he begins cutting crust off his sandwiches. After killing Gus, he begins tapping his thumb to his middle finger when agitated or thinking. After he kills Mike, he begins zipping his coat all the way up and then lowering a bit. Walt’s clothing also becomes darker as his character becomes darker.


Jesse Pinkman

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston had previously met. Paul auditioned for the part of Francis on Malcolm in Middle and was very discouraged to not get the part. Paul was also a contestant on Price is Right.

In preparation for his role on Breaking Bad, Paul spent months observing the subtle behaviors of addicts. He did such a great job in the role that the writers rewrote the show to include him in every season although originally the role of Jesse was planned to die in season one.

During a fight scene between Tuco (Raymond Cruz) and Jesse; Aaron was knocked unconscious resulting in a concussion. Cruz thought Paul was acting and continued fighting the unconscious actor.

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Skyler White

Anna Gunn, as well as many on the set, were astonished by the hatred fans bestowed upon her character Skyler White. Skyler was pregnant with Holly during most of season 1 and 2 which means her gestation period was closer to 18 months.

Skyler drives to the four corners monument with Holly. She presumedly tosses a coin to decide where to flee from Walter. Had she actually taken the trip, it would have been 4-1/2 hours drive in each direction and she would have been abandoning Walter Junior. While not Breaking Bad trivia, according to Lynn Arave or the Deseret News, the state borders have changed and the monument itself is not located at the exact point where the 4 states meet.

In the scene where Skyler walks into the pool, Gunn needed to be fed air from a scuba tank. Although he did not need to, Cranston dawned a scuba suit and was in the pool with her to help reassure her she would be okay.

Consideration was given by Vince Gilligan to kill Skyler off in the final season. Her death would have been through suicide.

Anna Gunn was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Hank and Marie Schrader

Marie surrounds herself with the color purple; a color associated with royalty. Marie fancies herself as royalty and lives vicariously through her husband’s success. She also bolsters her own role as a X-ray technician and thinks of herself a doctor of sorts.

Of all the original characters, Brandt has the least screen time. Her kleptomania was written into the script as a subplot, but it was abandoned when test audience did not like it. Brandt was actually pregnant during all of season 2.

In the DVD commentaries, Dean Norris comments on how the character of Hank is the only one to not become corrupted as seasons past. What he did not realize was that Hank was corrupted throughout the show. He twisted the law by placing GPS on Gus and Walt’s vehicles. He smoked Cuban cigars and brewed beer at home which is against New Mexico law. He attempted to break into Jesse’s RV without a warrant, and assaulted Jesse. He carried on cases without DEA approval and used their resources. He never identified himself as DEA to Tuco but told the DEA internal affairs he did, under oath. He openly made sexist and racist comments.


Junior and Holly

R.J. Mitte does have cerebral palsy, but it is not as severe as Walter Junior’s. Mitte does not use crutches in real life and needed to learn to use them in order to play his character. In one-episode Junior requires help to try on pants in the store, but he never requires such help at home. His main obsessions are breakfast and manipulating his parents. Junior has 2 middle names; his full name is Walter Flynn Hartwell White. Mitte’s first job came at the age of 8 when he sold sandwiches at school. He told his mother he was hungry at school and she made him 2 and he sold one. Soon the number increased to 4 and eventually when she found herself making 8 sandwiches for her son’s lunch, she realized she was being duped by the future actor.

Filming with children can be challenging because there are labor laws specifically protecting children that often interfere with filming. The typical way to compensate for this is to use twins. Twins were used in the episode when Jesse confronts Spooge for stealing slippery Pete’s drugs. In the case of Holly, they simply made excuses for where she was, or in some cases the characters just went on their lives without mentioning Holly. Holly was not a twin but was played by 3 unrelated children.


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Toughest Trivia Quiz Ever...Good Luck

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What was Crazy 8's real name?
    • Domingo Menendez
    • Domingo Coyamas
    • Domingo Tampico
    • Domingo Molina
  2. Which is NOT an alias used by Jesse?
    • Captain Cook
    • Jesse Jackson
    • Thumper
    • Diesel
  3. What is Jesse's middle name?
    • Thomas
    • Bruce
    • Michael
    • Francis
  4. What did Marie want Holly to be named?
    • Holly
    • Emeline
    • Esmerelda
    • Bergit
  5. What is Mikes Daughter in-law's name?
    • Stacey
    • Lisa
    • Marie
    • Kaley
  6. Where did Saul's office manager Francesca work prior to working for Saul?
    • Pollos Hermanos
    • Department of Licensing
    • Ms. Nguyens nail salon
    • The Laser Tag Emporium
  7. Which actor did NOT appear of Seinfeld?
    • Dean Norris (Hank)
    • Bryan Cranston (Walt)
    • Anna Gunn (Skyler)
    • Bob Odenkirk (Saul)
  8. Who performed the Heisenberg song?
    • Los Ranchos
    • Negro y Azul
    • Banditos Verde
    • Tortuga
  9. What actor played Jane's father?
    • James Willis
    • John de Lancie
    • Michael Olson
    • Johnny Tillison
  10. What is Jesse's brother's name?
    • Tim
    • James
    • Tom
    • Jake
  11. Jake played two instruments, one was the piccolo, what was the other?
    • Drums
    • Flute
    • Oboe
    • Clarinet
  12. Who was Tuco's brother in-law?
    • No Doze
    • Nacho
    • Gonzo
    • Don Bolsa
  13. Who was Jesse's shop teacher?
    • Mr. Taylor
    • Mr. Pike
    • Mr. Harris
    • Ms. Hanson
  14. Which commemorative spoon did Marie steal?
    • New Mexico
    • Guam
    • New Hampsire
    • Puerto Rico
  15. What is Badgers real name?
    • Brad Mahew
    • Barry Mahew
    • Brandon Mahew
    • Benjamin Mahew
  16. What was Combos real name?
    • Christian Ortega
    • Christian Morales
    • Christian Garcia
    • Christian Coyamas
  17. Who ran the laundry for Gus?
    • Danny
    • Tyrus
    • Dennis
    • Victor
  18. Which minor character was played by 2 different people?
    • Brock
    • Louis
    • Tyrus
    • Dennis
  19. What is Louis's last name?
    • Johnson
    • Olson
    • Corbett
    • Wallace
  20. In what city was Mike a Police Officer?
    • Chicago
    • Philadelphia
    • New York City
    • Newark
  21. Before working for Saul, where did Patrick Kubey live?
    • Phoenix
    • Boston
    • Chicago
    • Buffalo
  22. How many times does Jesse say Bitch in the show?
    • 26
    • 54
    • 83
    • 127

Answer Key

  1. Domingo Molina
  2. Thumper
  3. Bruce
  4. Esmerelda
  5. Stacey
  6. Department of Licensing
  7. Dean Norris (Hank)
  8. Negro y Azul
  9. John de Lancie
  10. Jake
  11. Oboe
  12. Gonzo
  13. Mr. Pike
  14. Puerto Rico
  15. Brandon Mahew
  16. Christian Ortega
  17. Dennis
  18. Louis
  19. Corbett
  20. Philadelphia
  21. Boston
  22. 54

Interpreting Your Score

If you got between 0 and 6 correct answers: Let me were watching Game of Thrones

If you got between 7 and 13 correct answers: Oh well it was tough....Hector will see you now

If you got between 14 and 17 correct answers: Not Bad...can you pass the Stevia please?

If you got between 18 and 19 correct answers: Good Job, Gayle would tip his proverbial cap to you...but would't share his coffee or vegan smores

If you got between 20 and 22 correct answers: Congratulations, you are a Super Fan! Walt would be proud


Liz Westwood from UK on November 29, 2018:

You certainly know the detail on Breaking Bad.

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