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The Squid Game Review

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The squid game between desire theory and human selfstruggle.

Which is more honest, prison or the world we live in?

Which is the true face of life, the open world in which the sun visits you every day but you may be able to hide your true self from humans, or the life of a prison in which you do not hide the facts: a murderer cannot be described without being a murderer and a thief cannot be described without being a thief, as well as a corrupt, unemployed, a pimp and a debtor.

If your outside life is full of problems and you may end up being killed or jailed because you owe so much, what if a businessman you don't know is offered to participate in a variety of games but you gamble with your own life?

When you accept the offer of the games from the competent authorities, you have two choices: continue the journey of the games where you are threatened with constant death, but perhaps end up with the money that saves your life, or return to your miserable life to escape the death that you may encounter in the future!

From here on the Netflix South Korean game "squid game" is set in insanity, a group of people whose normal lives are no longer worth mending and always in danger, but each of them has a chance to recreate it by accepting entry into the game system.

A perfect glimpse in the script was to show you how vulnerable and marginalized people are by accepting slaps on their faces instead of paying 100,000 won in a game that later makes them accept to go to a world they don't know.

In the squid game series, there are rules that must be followed. Players do not have the right to undo the game after agreeing, but they have the right to leave the game alive to their outside world by shooting the most..

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Of course, once they discovered that killing was the fate of the loser, they voted to end the games, allowing anyone who objected to the game to go back to the way it was before, but only days after the discovery, or rather the assurance that their lives were not there, they decided to go back to playing without fear of death.

this way, events in the "squid game" are constantly evolving in the character's interaction with each game: who was looking out to see her son and give him a name, she has returned of her own free will and is no longer afraid of death as she was. Even the wise old man who awaits death due to a brain tumor returns to live his remaining days with more enthusiasm and a smile.

Scenes that touch the human soul, in which many people are truthful, most faithful, most slandering, most intelligent, and most successful people in the past have become hunted down by their past success and used insidiously to survive.
The theory of desire and the human subject.

The series "squid game" addresses the human soul in a very clear way, and it will realize the philosophical meanings of desire and self-struggle Let me tell you what is meant by desire: it is the heart of human existence and the invisible motor of man in his life, especially the unconscious desire, which is completely sexual, as Jacques Lacan claims.

Desire, after all, is the basic ingredient in moving characters. This is most evident when only two people face one another in a game, the effect of the desire and instinct to favor oneself over others is clearly demonstrated, and it controls one's desire, instinct, and use of tricks, no matter how brazenly, to survive.

Every time a character in "squid game" confronts danger, his desire to fight, revenge, or escape is driven by a desire to fight for oneself. The contestants are filled with contradictions that are the cause of their misery. But in a moment of sincerity, realizing that resistance is useless, you can throw a glass ball and give your girlfriend a chance to survive if you don't..

Your attempt to feel respect for yourself is to accept yourself, even though it is ugly and controllable in desire, both of which are intertwine You may then turn to some sort of psychological defense tricks, such as a blend, and try to join a group that is not like you or like you, but with which you feel safe, you will be able to achieve what you cannot.

The job is a candidate for second part excellence after high Netflix ratings and praise.



Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on September 29, 2021:

Very interesting! I have considered watching this show. Perhaps now I will. Thank you!

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