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The social role of art

Art has been one of the chief centers of our culture since the beginning of civilization. Art is much more than a mode of entertainment, it is a source for culture and culture is the key part of a society. Arts have not only transformed the human life but also have contributed the growth of modern times. Arts has also been a source for numerous industries, from online assignment writing services to Billion Dollar Film industry.Arts have a role in society through different perspectives like few which have been explained here.

The role in people's thoughts

The human civilization have always kept it's moral values and thoughts as the center of the civilization. The society learns the morals, the good and bad, angel and evil from their available sources. These sources are the modern books, ancient texts,heroic stories and one may even count movies. These all collectively creates our way of thinking and learning the difference between right and wrong choices.

The role in economy

Today, a good portion of economy is ruled by film industry, online blogs, YouTube videos and Clothing. The most common aspect among these is that it's all based on Arts. The Arts have been a method to create income from the times of kings, both on local and international level. The income of a Hollywood actor and a street barber is more or less based on Arts. With time the role of arts in economy have grown exponentially and internet has been very helpful in that. There was a time when it was very tough to earn sustainable fortune through writing. Writers were paid negligible according to their work. The internet has allowed a cascade of possibilities for not just writers but also other artists like painter and singer. They have the power to share their talent to the world easily through internet technology.

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The role in lifestyle

If you have a friend who loves superhero movies, then you may find him talking about the movies all the time. Such movies, books, comics and tv shows have became a part of our life and lifestyle. The fashion industry and music have also been a major part of our lifestyle. The design of our house, the monuments on the street, the painting hanging on the wall, the crafted showpiece in a gift shop and the hair style builds your lifestyle and Collectively it builds, what we call Culture.

The Arts have been part of our culture, economy, mentality and lifestyle but arts is never given the value it deserves.Arts is also something which humans have different than rest of the animals. Arts does not hold any purpose and if someone pursue arts due to a purpose he would be wildly wrong. Because pursuing arts can't have any purpose. Arts exist because we love it not because we need it. We can conclude that the social role of arts is a special and important one.

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