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The Series “you” review

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The series “You” raises more questions

about the psychopathic personality
Since its debut in 2018, the work has attracted the admiration of millions around the world, although the series itself is excellent.

But seeing these characters embodied is very stressful psychologically, with a distinguished performance of the heroes of the work.

The main character Joe, who we see as a very quiet and educated man because he's a bookstore owner. We see him living in a world in his mind that is imaginary for everyone but real in his mind. Yet he succeeds in executing murders of innocent people, but the problem is that he sees killing of evil people is cleaning and good work and not reckless or absurd.

In the new part of the work, we see flashback scenes in the character's history as he kills for his rotting mother, but she leaves him in an orphanage and abandons him after he has been killed for her.

He who was waiting for her to come back from that place was being bullied by the other children because they were not waiting for someone to love them outside and had to become like them to live. We also see him being emotionally attached to an orphanage teacher but being abused by a man and dying.

Joe's motives for killing, as he sees it, are noble motives. His mind understands right and wrong, but right and wrong differs from the subject among the rest of mankind.
He sees his wife Love as a reckless woman who must be rid of her because she kills the innocent, not the bad, so he pardons the son of his neighbor, his wife's lover, and transports him to the hospital between life and death.

At the same time, we see him planning from the beginning to get rid of the prison that Love put him inside when she decided to have their son Henry.

On the other hand, a psychopathic Lough kills in a hurry, crying and thinking she is defending her family or Lough, the child whose family life was so abyse that she finds Joe and knows he is the right man for her.

A scene that Joe's lover, Marin, who does not know who he is, tells her that she must be brave and take her child and leave without fear after she tells her that Joe killed her husband so that she can take custody of her only daughter and believe her.

Love, who suffered from fear in her childhood as a result of her abnormal family, made her grow up not understanding right or wrong and not controlling the tantrums that made her capable of killing.

It is a work that is never easy to deal with its characters. They are criminals looking for love and virtue, as if they were in a parallel world or a real world that you hide with auras of wrong and right, but only apply to the weak.

The work was eventually renewed for a fourth season after Joe was released from prison, killing Love, and leaving his son Henry, who he thought would find out what he really was when he grew up.
We're the product of what our parents tell us about ourselves and the world.

The troubled Lov, on the other hand, is driven by emotions, without order or mind.
Unlike Joe, who is obsessed with Chikov, Love suffered from emotional disorders as a child, but no one thought she could always kill as a solution to all her concerns.

You decide what the moment should be, it stirs your emotions, and if the show breaks your emotions for a moment, you will have a "learn more" seizure. What's going to happen next? "Or some might call it soap opera depression, I can tell you that the director has made a very interesting show that gets in the air from the first to the last episode.

You are great. It creates an atmosphere of excitement and excitement, a mixture of drama and love and a mixture of crime, excitement and action. It is worth watching. It is worth viewing that the third part is the best and the fourth will be different because we will see new dimensions between Marin who told Joe I love you after he told her the truth about killing a man as a child but she tells him what his mother didn't tell him that she loves him. So she became his new obsession.

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