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The Second Taste of the Best Korea Series Over the Years

It took everyone by surprise, but it happened in every corner of the world

We become accustomed to trembling when the haunting in a horror film transports us to the world of children. Contrary to popular belief, colours are not always associated with lightness, fun, and innocence.

We are also accustomed to vibrating by immersing ourselves in American, English, or even Spanish productions. But, unlike in the past, we no longer have the option of "surrendering" to a Korean series. Raw, macabre, unsettling, and even irritating.

It may seem strange to say that a series with all of these characteristics has captivated millions of people all over the world who "can not take their eyes off the screen" for nine episodes. Perhaps because it says something about all of us and a lot about some of us in particular.

The revelation was made to the "Associated Press" by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the South Korean series' writer and creator.

Season one premiered smoothly on Netflix on September 17, and on October 13 it dethroned "Bridgerton" as the most-watched series on the platform. In the first 28 days after it debuted on Netflix, the South Korean series was watched by 111 million subscribers.

Failure of Subtitles Squid Game, on the other hand, has gone through some preparations to become a global megahit. Given the possibility of a language barrier, Netflix has emphasized visuals, dressing competitors in green workout clothes, and constructing colourful sets that resemble children's playgrounds.

The series is now being used as a metaphor for social inequalities in the country by politicians and its population, as its argument has sounded familiar among South Koreans, who are frustrated by rising wage inequality in one of Asia's richest countries," according to Areum Jeong, an expert on Korean film at Sichuan University.

Having said that, South Korean political leaders from all walks of life have already begun to exploit the series' popularity by using it as a metaphor to attack one another (the presidential elections are due next March).

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Korean conservatives, which he dubbed the "five billion won game." The incident you are most likely referring to, which was made public last month, involves the son of a right-wing deputy who received five billion won (about 3.6 million euros) after leaving a company.

This large sum of money is typically awarded as compensation to senior executives who leave companies like Hyundai Motor and Samsung Electronics after decades of service.

Conservatives, for their part, included the following series in their speech: Hong Joon-Pyo, a People Power Party presidential candidate, claimed that a scene from Squid Game in which a contestant grabs a ruffian and throws him off a bridge reminds him of a "certain politician." And it is assumed that this refers to Lee Jae-Myung, who was publicly accused by a well-known actress of abruptly disappearing after having an extramarital relationship with her.


The Korean receives so many calls per day that his phone's battery dies in less than half a day. His phone number appeared on a business card given to the character Seong Gi-Hun in the first episode, as he finds himself in the subway with a mysterious man who invites him to play. If we've ever doubted the power of cinema to "inspire" humanity in a matter of days, now is the time to reconsider.

What's the issue?

Not all sources of inspiration are positive.

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