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A Review of the New Movie Reminiscence(2021) Starring Hugh Jackman

Camillia has BA in University Studies with a minor in English. Has enjoyed writing reviews since her sci fi/fantasy class in high school.


The Mystery: What happened to Mae?

Nick Bannister falls in love with Mae and we find out that she has been missing for months now. Nick does not want to believe that Mae left him. He sets out to find his love by reliving his past memories.


Our memories: what we perceive others to be or who they truly are?

Nick sees Mae as the perfect woman especially in his memories. She seems to do no wrong until Nick finds out the truth. We find out that she was not truly herself with Nick but that she created this persona so she could be his perfect woman. When we think about our memories, we may see what we want to see about others and this is true for Nick. But what is sad about this is that Nick could not move on and make new memories.


Set in the future

Reminiscence(2021) is set in a future world were there was a lot of war. Nick and Watts both served in the war and now are partners in the business of recovering lost memories. During the war, these memory machines were used to get memories of the enemies. Now they are devices to help clients relive happy and enjoyable memories. We are led to believe the war was awful but there was not much spoken about it. Reminiscence(2021) was set in the future were everything was flooded and it was normal to walk through inches of water and go on a boat taxi. The poorest places seemed to have the most water were the driest places had the wealthiest population.


Stuck in the past

We find out that reliving a memory over and over again can have dire consequences for the recipient. A character becomes stuck in that one moment in time and they cannot come out of that memory. If the character is wealthy, they are able to pay others to keep up with their delusion.



Reminiscence(2021) is a fun and interesting movie. Hugh Jackman does a good job at portraying Nick and the love story between the two lovers seemed realistic. Honestly, the story may have been better if it was a TV show because the plot and characters would have been fleshed out a little bit more. There are a lot of ideas that can result from people recovering past memories. Plus the world and setting of Reminiscence(2021) can be a plot point in itself. When did the waves come and flood the area? What caused war to happen? Why are people so concerned with the past? These and other questions may have been answered if the idea had more time in a TV series instead of a two hour movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes mystery, action, science fiction, and romance.

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