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The Music Industry & Its Artists Have Been Impacted the Most Because of the Pandemic

Image of artist performing on stage

Image of artist performing on stage


The coronavirus pandemic affected many livelihoods, all over the world last year. Some industries benefited from this pandemic whereas some were hampered tremendously. The music industry is one such case where the pandemic was very cruel on it and its artists both financially & mentally. Well, it didn't totally affect the artist's ability to produce songs but significantly decreased the earning potential of their creations

Temporary bans on Clubs, Restaurants & Concert halls made the generation of revenue for artists and the industry very difficult. The UK, being the hub of the best talent pool in the music scene, was unable to do anything for its artists in the face of the pandemic. Not only in the U.K but all over the world, artists were unable to perform in concerts and clubs due to which they had to rely on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Primemusic & Youtube. for their songs to reach their audiences and gain money.

You could argue that artists & musicians make a significant amount of money through these streaming platforms alone and the lack of live events shouldn't be a big deal for them. Yes, this is true in the case of famous & established artists like Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris who has made a name for themselves already, but for the ones who have just started their musical careers or those who are trying to establish themselves have found it hard to make progress from a professional & financial sense.

How the Pandemic has Impacted the Industry?

  • Before the pandemic, DJs & singers used to attend several music festivals in a calendar year all over the world, where they performed in front of packed crowds under the bright lights. Those events played a major part in the popularity of the artists and their songs as well as it was another source of revenue. But ever since the Pandemic struck things have not been the same for these artists.
  • Singers, DJs, Music producers had to adapt to this sudden change in proceedings, where they started streaming their new releases live from their homes or studios respectively to their audiences on streaming platforms to keep their brand and songs relevant and ever-present to their audiences.
  • Streaming platforms such as Spotify were the saviors of the music industry because of its intervention in helping artists get their due by rewarding them for their releases as well as helping them fight piracy.
  • In April of 2020, the Guardian reported in its article that Spotify streams for its famous artists and their songs were reduced by 11% than its usual streaming rate which proves that every income stream of the artists was unable to function at its usual self because of the pandemic.
  • The use of digital platforms for streaming songs has become common practice for song listeners, whether it may be listening from your house, or while commuting. Lockdown because of the pandemic didn't allow free movement of people on the streets.
  • Also the fact all the corporate workplaces asked employees to work from home, so listening to music while commuting for work goes out of the window. These are some of the factors that have not helped streaming platforms generate the huge number of streams they were accustomed to before the pandemic.
  • Along with the lows, there were also some highs for the artists as the pandemic also gave them a lot of time to hone their skills. In an article, Music producers, DJs from the UK have shared their experiences on how they had to deal with the lack of activity and how they kept themselves active during that period.
  • Music producers and composers spent a lot of their time creating new sounds and also developing a new taste for trying and producing different genres of music, which they hadn't done before. Along with developing their production skills. it has also helped these artists in stimulating their minds, as creating a song or a tune usually requires a lot of emotional connection which releases a lot of stress.
  • DJs who are relatively new to the scene, who make a living by performing in nightclubs say that the governments of their respective countries haven't been supportive of them, as they don't recognize DJing as a permanent profession. Citing this reason no benefits of any kind from the government have been made available to them.
  • Now, when normalcy has returned in the world and things are back in order, the music artists and the industry should be able to regain lost time and money with renewed skills and vigor. But it is also a reminder that certain provisions should be made by the governments that will allow these artists to work and earn money in similar situations if they arise

It is the music & songs of our favorite artists that have the ability to lift our moods and spirits when we are not feeling like ourselves, so the world also needs to do its bit to protect these Musicians or artists in troubling times of their own

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