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Top 5 movies 2021

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The latest films to be shown in the cinema

Between science fiction, drama, stop-motion and action-blending fantasy; A bunch of geniuses waiting for us on today's list.


The warning went out across the earth, everything was ruined, people were imploring themselves to old and new gods, and between this and that there was an astronaut up there watching everything. Will he be able to do anything about the dying planet?

The events in the near future are closed, where the human integration with the machines and the life was actually future as imagined by the science fiction book for decades, we did not get to the plane car passenger after, but it was a terrible stage in any case; even the gods seem to have been unified in one God found in each car, but can be addressed directly and promise the sins of committed during the month.

All this is terrifying in itself, but the most enthusiastic is the meteor (and maybe your meteoric) that will be earthful only after only 6 days.

C'mon C'mon

When you watch the show, you sense life in every inch, even though everything is only dyed black and white. But the images are clear and human interactions are visible through a camera lens.

At first you think it's one of those movies that introduces a page in someone's life, but soon you find that page is folded with another page, and here you start to wonder.

The story is about a radio journalist whose life was traditional and boring, until the day came when he had to take care of his nephew after her condition had deteriorated and for the little child it was more than an uncle.

Joaquin Phoenix has been a powerful film star in recent years, especially after receiving a well-deserved Oscar for his highly distinguished role in the cinematographic Joker and the actor's extensive introduction of the history of comics.

But beyond the characters in the graphic novels, he is a heavyweight actor in the drama and melanoma ratings, and it seems that his new film of 2021 will fall into that segment strongly.

LEGO Star wars Terrifying tales

With a 44-minute run and an exclusive on Disney Plus, LEGO's newest film comes to the light at long last, this time bringing us the most exciting and terrifying stories from Star Wars, which we have done for so many years, has become a classic of the day.

Animation, typical of various Lego films, is a series of characters from the beloved Hungarian Legion in the series, dealing with Dark Side Emperor and his commander-in-chief Darth Vader. The heroes must prevent evil from resurfacing to the surface, and also flee before becoming small pieces fed on by the soldiers' clone machines for the Bloody Emperor's army.

With hunt

Witch Hunt is one of the most important 2021 horror films of all time, and although it shares the word "Witch" with many other horror films, it is quite different from previous works in terms of plot, characters and possibly dramatic up-gradient.

The world in the United States is no longer what it used to be, now witches are known, but the practice of witchcraft is not really what the law treats comfortably.

Once a witch appears on the surface, she is captured and acted upon, sometimes death being the solution to the torment. And of course, like our modern world, if you are a crushed minority in one country, you can seek asylum in another country under persecution, but it's certainly not easy, and that's where the story begins.

One day, two witches walked into the house of a girl who did not want to cause trouble for herself, but found that getting the girls to the border with Mexico was the only way to save them from the clutches of American government forces. Will the young girl manage to get the poor girls to the southern border safely? What horrors awaits such a trembling trio? That's what we'll know when we watch.

Honey girls

The story is about the world's most famous pop singer, Fancy G, who one day decided to have a very big competition to pick young voices capable of being "solo" in the new generation's musical career, but did not know that the solo contest would bring the singles into the light, creating one of the most promising bands ever.

The applicants are all girls, and each young woman is supposed to sing singles, and compete with the others to win, but what the young girls decided was to join together and create a mystery band called "Honey Girls", and the band has already started to succeed, but surely there are obstacles and problems in the way. Is the art going to overcome the setbacks of fame? That's what we'll all know when we watch the movie soon.


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