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The film, the Last Samurai

The Last Samurai


One film that I favor.

I just will first state, I am a not a movie critic, just someone that loves films.

I have my own favorites and I love the Last Samurai.

But in a different time period when Japan was transforming with modern technology, and modern weapons, it seems like some honor could have been lost.

Now I am not Japanese and I should set forth in step in the shoes of those the film is really about

It is the Japanese and the samurai, so I should not be judgmental of a time period I was not alive, but I feel strongly and a little sadden for the transformation in the country.

I can not say how good or bad it would be when automatic weapons were given to Japan in the film and showing the taking down of the samurai.

I am not sure what honor it shows or that you can say there were fear fights when men were facing unfair fighting advantages of guns vs. swords.

Even though samurai wanted to fight and go out fighting with a "good" death and would stand their grounds against new age of weapons were the outcome would be a slaughter of Samurai.

In the film, I think it was based on a true story but I think it had to do with a General that was in France and not American.

But in the Last Samurai, U.S. Army captain Nathan Algren, is captured by the Samurai in which Tom Cruise plays Nathan.

The Lord of the Samurai is Katsumoto Moritsugu who is played by Ken Wantanabe, who lets Nathan live among his people in a village.

What Nathan learns is the way of the Samurai and goes through training in Samurai ways and gets beat down after beat down.

Of course with the strange ways of the Samurai, Nathan can not understand truly why he is there and allowed to live.

It drives Nathan crazy when Katsumoto wants to keep having "conversations" with him.

Slowly there is a bond between Nathan, Katsumoto, the villages and even a stranger bond between the wife, Taka, of the Samurai Nathan killed in which Nathan lives in the house of Taka and her family.

Now many of us are thinking if that was me, Nathan would be dead in a heart beat.

Maybe there is strange ways in the film, The Last Samurai, but if you think about it, there would be no film or intriguing plot if Nathan was killed off.

But what good is modern technology. modern weapons, and trying to wipe away honor. It is always, 'man" who would like to change the world, but how good it is to change the world world with new technology and weapons, when it wipes out "honor" more so, and
how we have let this happen in the world?

Indeed there are highly respectful men in this world that do hold honor to the highest degree that will indeed not allow the men that want to do away with honor to succeed for "profit".

I think those that are highly honorable in the film, The Last Samurai will just stand their ground to their best ability while going done fighting protecting all that they love and all that they stand for.

I am not so sure we think of today's world the same when looking at a film like the last samurai, how much the world has changed, even though it has and it is modern time but man always wants to have some sort of weapons of mass destruction, so maybe this has been going on even before the time period of the last samurai which was around 1876.

There is honor in today's world, and I truly believe there are out there men who you could say in a way are honorable men like the samurai that would stand up to the evils of today's world.

Even when the young samurai, Nobutada, has his top knot cut, which part of his honor was stolen from him from the enemy in the last of him in the film, he tells his father to let him stay, in which he was shot and stood to stand against the enemy who has guns, which indeed there were many with "guns", so not a fair fight at all, but a true warrior that stood his ground until the end, just shows that men will stand up to the greater evil for the greater good, even if it means their life would end.

I do believe, that somehow life imitates art and art imitates life, I know in the evil that was running rampant in the Last Samurai there was still good that stood it's ground against evil and it was for the greater good.

The greater good was what will immortalized at the end of the film.

We see on the battlefield, that stronger bond that had grown between two men who were enemies at first but will stand like brothers on the battlefield and die for each other for a greater cause.

The sacrifices we see in the films, we grab at my heart and have me balling my eyes out quite a few times in the film.

I think the acting was really great in the film, the costumes, the scenery, and all the fighting.

As my eyes tear up time and time again while watching the film, it is a film that I favor and love because of the bond that has brought two enemies together and they share with each other the culture of one another, and so through tragedy they become and extended family through war, which they both know whomever ends up winning the war, there really is no winner, but only honor for fighting for what you stand for even if it means sacrificing your own life.

Sometimes the story telling of one film can leave you wishing that there was no war between people but only a bond that grows from learning of each other.

The Last Samurai is a film that seems to stand out to me. I think it is one of my favorites.

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