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The problems with the dark comedy TV series Insatiable(2018-2019)

Camillia has BA in University Studies with a minor in English. Has enjoyed writing reviews since her sci fi/fantasy class in high school.


The shock factor of the dark humor genre

Dark comedies are prone to use shock value to leave people literally breathless while also providing some comedic relief through the darkness of life. A great example of using this shock factor to create a lasting impact are the movies Heathers(1988) and Jawbreaker(1999). Heather's(1988) had a lot of shock value including the use of homicide and suicide as plot devices. Even though Heather's had a lot of intense themes throughout the film it brought the audience to understand that the main character is literally crazy. Jawbreakers(1999) is about a group of girls who accidently kill there best friend. They find themselves trying to cover up there crime by setting up the murder scene like their friend was raped and killed by a strange man. Both of these movies have dark themes but they did not seem to cross the line as much as Insatiable(2018-2019) and were considered somewhat humorous. They protrayed the satire of dark humor very well with interesting characters that seem to work well with the concept. Another movie that provided a framework for dark comedies is Death Becomes Her(1992) with Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streepe. The Dark humor about death and being young combined with there funny performances makes this movie a complete layout for the dark humor genre.


Fat shame and eating disorders

Insatiable(2018-2019) is about a girl named Patty who has been overweight her entire life until one day she was punched in the mouth and her jaw is broken. After three months of a liquid diet, Patty is finally able to stick it to those bullies who bullied her about her weight. She is now beautiful and skinny and nobody can stop her from getting her ultimate revenge. Fat shame is sewn within this TV show's main plot. Patty's weakness is her eating habits and those are repeatedly shamed throughout the series. Patty is even found to have eaten her other sibling within the womb cementing her weakness as her insatiable desire for food. What makes this TV show pretty disturbing for young viewers is its acceptability of self-shame if someone does not look like societie's standards. Patty has internal fat shame as she relies on how she looks for her self esteem.Patty in Insatiable(2018-2019) suffers from compulsive eating and binging eating disorders.This is made out to be a joke and it honestly misses the mark of being at being funny.


Normalizing pedophilia

There has been an increase in normality of a older man dating a younger girl. It is usually the older man prying and grooming the young girl to be with him. This normalization has been found in shows were the actress is over 18 years old but plays a young teenage girl. A great example is the TV show Pretty Little Liars(2010-2017) were Aria is dating her English teacher Ezra and they end up marrying each other in the finale. There relationship was not only normalized but celebrated. In Insatiable(2018-2019), we see the Patty crushing on the older man and mentor, Bob. When Patty finds out Bob has been previously kicked out of the pagenent because he was accused of touching another teenage girl, she is thrilled instead of disgusted. Patty is wondering if she has a shot with Bob because of this accusation. It is pretty messed up that pedophilia is made into a lame joke. Sorry Netflix but pedophilia is not funny but nasty.

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Revenge is funny

Patty tries to get revenge on those who have tormented her when she was fat. After Patty became skinny she was able to flaunt her newfound skinny body. Patty joins the pageant to show her bullies that she is now a winner but she leads to killing other people as the ultimate revenge. We can only assume she is crazy and this leads her to do crazy things such as committing murder. Patty seeking her revenge is supposed to be funny but it is not.


For future considerations

Insatiable's(2018-2019) third season was supposed to come to Netflix but because of the huge backlash regarding the dark themes and lack of humor this show has been canceled. There have been dark comedy movies that have risen to fame and are considered classics like Heathers(1988) and Death Becomes Her(1992). This means that dark comedies can be good if they have humor as well as dark themes. These movies also had great actors and an interesting plot. Insatiable(2018-2019) could have been a great TV show if it focused less on shocking audiences and more on the plot. It seriously lacked character and plot development. Characters would do shocking things with no reasons behind the actions and there was no clear plot. They lost the plot somewhere in the mess they called a show. It did not help that the audience had no one to root for because all of the characters in the show did horrible things.

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