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Where is the Brady Bunch House? Secrets Behind This Beloved Home

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As a child I remember watching the Brady Bunch and loving it. It helped me escape my "not so perfect" adolescence and enter the world of The Brady's, a squeaky clean American family that seemed to handle their problems in a groovy way during every episode.

For me it was not just The Brady's themselves that dragged me into their world but the nostalgic Brady Bunch House they lived in. As an adult The Brady Bunch House still remains both intriguing and comforting to me at the same time. The Brady Bunch House brings me back to the simple time of sit down "pork shops and applesauce" family dinners and sibling backyard fun. For those of us that grew up during the 70's and 80's we know that it was very different from the current iPhone, video game, and computer based world that children live in now.

What is the Story of the Brady Bunch House?

When I did my research I found out that The Brady Bunch House is the most quietly famous landmark in San Fernando Valley California. It is a split level suburban home of one of television's first combined families. When the producer's embarked on their hunt for the perfect Brady Bunch House this one caught their eye due to it's middle class appearance.

Were the Episode's Filmed Inside the Actual Brady Bunch House?

The Brady Bunch Show was not filmed inside the actual home. It was filmed inside a studio in California which was decorated with the 1970s home décor we still know and love.

Was the Brady Bunch House Original to it's Viewer's?

What we as viewers saw during the filming of the show was a roomy, two story structure that looked like a home an architect would live in. In reality, that wasn't the case. The real Brady Bunch House was a modest split level home that the producers made look bigger by attaching a phony window to the top of it.

The Outside of the Brady Bunch House

During the 70's, The Brady Bunch House was a privately owned home that was than lived in by a recent widow. Rumor has it that she wasn't even paid much for the usage of her home. Before the Brady Bunch was even filmed, the producers of the Brady Bunch shot a variety of pictures of the home through all different angles. The pictures were taken before the show even debuted.

The widow that once owned The Brady Bunch House sold it to another private buyer who than built a fence around it for security. Apparently there were some nosey onlookers that would try to peek through the family room window.

Tour buses and fans still drive by the Brady Bunch House from time to time.

Was the Brady Bunch House Ever Used During Brady Bunch Remakes?

Producer's took new pictures of the exterior of the Brady Bunch House back in 1990 for the movies "A Very Brady Christmas" and "The Brady's."

Reportedly, producer's are not currently planning on airing any more Brady Bunch sequels but the show still lives on through re-runs and triggers fond memories in all of us.

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Fun facts about the Brady's:

  • 4222 Clinton Way was the physical address that was mentioned in several episodes of the Brady Bunch. The city that the Brady's lived in was never mentioned in the show but it was implied that they lived in a suburb of Los Angeles.
  • No toilet bowl was ever shown in any episode of the Brady Bunch. The network wouldn't allow a toilet to be shown in that day in age on a sitcom.
  • Cindy Brady's favorite doll was Kitty Karry All.
  • The two main sponsor's of the Brady Bunch were Cherrio's and Matel Toys.
  • Robert Reed was written out of the last episode of the Brady Bucnh due to conflict with the producer's. The main producer of the Brady Bunch did not let the secirty guards see him out because he felt it wouldn't be fair to the children staring in the show.
  • Mike Brady was a widower in the show, it was never mentioned on what Carol Brady was.
  • The producer of the Brady Bunch was contemplating on calling the show "The Brady Brood" instead of "The Brady Bunch."
  • One full year passed during the filming of the first and second episode. If you have ever watched them you will notice how much the children aged between both episodes.
  • The actual Brady Bunch theme song was sung by the Brady children themselves.
  • Ratings of the Brady Bunch feel during the final season, thus causing the show to be canceled.


Mary Wickison from Brazil on July 07, 2016:

I loved that show, although I always wondered why, if Mike was an architect, he never added more bathrooms to the place. LOL

Interesting information about the house, I never really thought about the fact it was actually someone's house. I can imagine the 'lookie lous ' would be annoying.

Adrien on September 01, 2015:

the perfect 60's family, still play it here, such great clothes of that era.

Colin Garrow from Inverbervie, Scotland on June 06, 2015:

I used to love this series, but I always assumed the external views of the house were just part of a studio set, like the internal scenes. Great Hub. Voted up.

Michelle Dee from Charlotte, NC on March 05, 2015:

I was just thinking today how great it would have been to be from a family like the Brady Bunch. The reruns are still shown in my area and the show is still very entertaining to watch. There was a reunion show recently and the kids said they still keep in contact with each other to this day and they are like family to each other. Great hub! Voted up!

Amy (author) from East Coast on March 04, 2015:

Yes! I totally agree. I still catch a re-run here and there!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 04, 2015:

Well that was interesting. I don't tell too many people but yes, I watched this show. LOL I think there are a lot of closet-Brady watchers out there. :)

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