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The best supernatural murderers from the movies.

The vile undead from the movies.

Here come the villains that can't be killed by normal means.

It was a tough list and I had to leave out a few that I didn't want to. Therefore, the honorable mentions first.

Maniac Cop- This huge, unstoppable ex cop rips through his city and will stop at nothing!

Angus the pirate- The Fog. He was creepy and on a mission!

An ominous poem for a terrible night!


The 13 deadliest around!

13. Damien/The Antichrist (The Omen)- Into a family involved in politics, a sweet young boy is born. As many will learn, he and his handlers do not stay sweet for long! The Omen used Damien as a young boy, to create one of the creepiest endings ever.

12. Chucky (Child's Play) -An out of control villain finally gets taken out. While he is dying, he throws himself into a doll. Of course, the doll goes to an unsuspecting home and then things get real! He was brutal and determined.

11. Imotep, the mummy (and all movie mummies with him)- An ancient evil with an unsettled desire returns from a forgotten time in Egypt. He will destroy anyone in his way. Karloff and Vosaloo played him differently but to perfection!

10. Annabel- Another doll that doesn't play nice! Scarier than Chucky, she won't go back to the toy box either.

9. The Tarman- (The Return of the Living Dead)- The disgusting zombie that rises when two bumbling fools release the chemicals that bring the dead to life! "More brains!

8. Candyman- An artist from the Civil War era falls in love with the wrong woman and gets her pregnant. He is then brutally murdered and forgotten. But what was done to him was not forgotten...not by him at least! He returns and to create his congregation and start life anew. To be apart of that, just say his name five times and he will fo the rest!

7. Count Dracula- The leader of the vampires and ghouls. A fearless ruler that can not be killed unless he is exposed to sunlight or has a wooden stake pounded through his heart!

6.Larry Talbot- Even a man who....I think you know the rest.

"Happy" Halloween!

The feared five!

5. Samara, The Ring. A little girl that wanted only to be loved. Well, that was a long time ago. Now she just wants to rip your head off! Watch to see what happens when she finds you. All is "well" that ends "well".

This is where it got very hard for me! I did my best and tried to list the best, rather than my favorite.

4. Michael Myers- Yes, I will be hated for not going higher with the unstoppable mad man that survives it all.

3. Jason Voorhees- The legendary monster from Crystal Lake. Though he starts deteriorating he can not be stopped! Stronger and maybe more brutal than Michael, Jason brings his mommie issues to a whole new level! He was modeled after loosely after Norman Bates (his mother especially was) and the character that finished 2nd.

2. Frankenstein's Monster- Given tremendous strength and the brain of a psycho, this methodical murderer stalked the countryside bringing terror and havoc with him.

More Brains!


Jason in a box!

Here he comes! One, two....

1. Freddy (A Nightmare on Elmstreet). The evil creep that was given justice when he was acquitted for the most twisted crimes. The bastard don of 200 maniacs and the product of a band of evil dream demons, he stalks the night seeking blood and gore.

Get down with Freddy!


MikeSyrSutton (author) from An uncharted galaxy on October 29, 2020:

Thank you Peggy!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 28, 2020:

These all sound like scary movies for those who enjoy them. Generally speaking, I avoid them. I would rather dream sweet dreams at night. Ha!

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