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Top Movies You Never Miss.

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The Best Movies You Never Miss.

City lights

One day he meets a blind florist, Charlie falls in love with her, offers her everything he has, the florist rejoices and thinks he is a rich man, the relationship progresses, and she details more about Charlie's life, knowing that a surgical procedure that medicine has reached can revisit the florist.

During the film, Charlie tries to make money, get his girlfriend to operate, and see again, but life is so hard for him, and he has a lot of difficult situations; Despite being considered one of the best humanist films, the film is a comedy with very deep human emotions, presenting its various ideas in a smart and astutely charming setting of Charlie Chaplin.

Paths of Glory

The film, directed by senior director Stanley Kubrick, starring Kirk Douglas, is an anti-war film. It is set during World War I, bells ring, guns and rifles from French battalions rise on the German front, the war becomes more fierce, many soldiers lose their fervour to complete the attack, some soldiers get frustrated and decide to withdraw. Here, the commander punishes three soldiers, making them an example to those who might consider withdrawing. The movie was a huge success.

Midnight in Paris

Directed by Woody Allen and starring Owen Wilson, the film is about a writer and his fiancee on a trip to Paris, who wishes to live the rest of his life in Paris because she is the City of Lights and the City of Art and the first inspiration for the world's biggest artist.

The film revolves in a world of realistic fantasy, a cart stops in front of the writer by chance and takes him to Paris in the 1920s, the time he hoped to live in, meets there Picasso, Hemingway, and other artists, the writer lives his dreams, and then returns again to his real time, and with the passing of time and his transfer between The Times he begins to get to know other girls such as: Adriana, the music saleswoman, in the film we see good character shifts, a story with a satisfactory end to the scenes, and we find that the details of the film and its dialogue are very inspiring.

Grave of the Fireflies

The film, directed by Izao Takahata, is about World War II, and is especially about Japan, about Sita and his little sister Setsuko, who loves her brother so much that she doesn't want to leave him for one minute, but he will have to let her go so that he can participate in the war and win Japan's powerful army, as Sita believes; The title of the film is Cemetery of the Luminous Fireflies, which we see during the film that the fireflies die at a young age, a code name for the film's main event.

The film, based on Akayuki Nosaka's novel, is based on the author's real life, and his sister has died as a result of leaving her during the war.

According to the writer, his sister died from leaving her during the war, and from the indignation over the war and the grief over the loss of his sister, the writer began to write this novel, which has become one of the most successful films of all time.

Cleo from 5 to 6

The film is directed by Anees Varda and starring Quren Marchand, the film talks about a young singer, who has a promising future with singing and love, but the problem is that she has done a medical examination to ensure that she has cancer. The time of the film is an hour and a half, and the events of the film span within two hours. We see the singer before receiving the result of the examination, She loves, Sings and fears, now she is a beautiful woman who can take life what she wants, but less than two hours may end, and her life may lose its meaning.
All these films were classics and feature films, which were made in less than two hours, but were still in the minds of the audience, beginning with the Charlie Chaplin films, which were a sign, although the film was short in the end.

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