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The best Ghost Movies ever!

It's time to meet your house guests.

It's time to meet your house guests.

13. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken-

Oh come on! I loved this movie. Don Knott's was perfect in it.

"Atta boy Luther"!

12. The Innocence 1961- A forgotten favorite.

11. Ghost Ship- This was brutal and disgusting at times but, isn't that what we love about horror?

10. Paranormal Activity- Underestimate the power of the "Dark Side" if you wish. Actually, do it at your own peril!

9.. Candyman- If you are crazy enough to say his name five times, stay away from me!

8. The Conguring- And relentless evil lurks and now it wants you! Lili Taylor is one of my favorites and, I actually had a scene with her in Paper Spiders!

7. Topper 1937- This had a huge cast and was a lot of fun! This was the best ghost couple ever

6. The Ring- A story about a cute little girl, right? Wrong! Baby is all grown up and she isn't playing any more! But, all's well that ends well.

The fearsome Five

5. Beatleguise- The deranged ghost with the most interacted with other ghosts and humans that do not find him to be funny at all. But, we all loved him and that's all that matters.

4. Ghost Busters 1984– Bill Murray at his best. This was brilliant and a lot of fun. The ghosts and the acting were excellent.

3. Ghost 1990- I know, some of you are saying that this should be ranked number one or two. But, the top two had a level of suspense and terror that has to be rewarded. However, this movie was an excellent story that drew us all in. Though at number 3, it was a romantic masterpiece!

2. What Lies Beneath- Though not the favorite movie of most people, the mystery that was tucked away inside of the story and then revealed by this aparition, was awesome. This was unique, gripping, and powerful. I call it a must see. The cast and acting was excellent! How can you go wrong with Michelle and Harrison?

A force lurks in the air. Will you see it before it sees you?

This was a very hard call to make, but here it is, the champion of the nether world.

1. The Sixth Sense-

Dr. Crowe and a little boy work together to help the undead to settle their pasts and their deaths. In the process, a bitter and confused spirit is finally set free and seen for who it really was.

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