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The Young and the Restless Viewers Debate What Happens Next for Kyle and Summer

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Kyle and Summer fans wonder what's going to happen next.

Kyle and Summer fans wonder what's going to happen next.

Summer is spinning out of control

Skyle fans are still worrying about their favorite couple because of recent events. Viewers continue to be at odds regarding the fate of this couple. Some believe they will eventually make it down the aisle, while others think the relationship is over, First Summer ran out on Kyle and then began spying on him. On Tuesday's episode of The Young and the Restless Summer gave Kyle his ring back. She is angry, hurt, and confused, and just plain done with him. Kyle had done everything he could to convince her that their relationship could work, but it failed. Summer went ballistic each time he mentioned Lola's name and this is her Achilles heel. Each time she heard Kyle say "Lola" she became more furious. Earlier spoilers had said Skyle fans should not be worried but this time it looks final. During the time that Kyle was with Lola, Summer spent every waking moment trying to break them up. Now that she has Kyle to herself, she is having doubts. Celeb Dirty Laundry is suggesting several outcomes to this situation which only push Summer and Kyle further apart. The spoiler says Theo and Summer might end up in bed again or that Kyle might begin dating Sally Spectra once Courtney Hope's character comes to Genoa City.

Will Kyle and Summer make it down the aisle?

Will Kyle and Summer make it down the aisle?

The future of Skyle

Viewers are not sure what the future holds and why the writers are having Skyle's breakup and attempt to make up be so public and humiliating. First Kyle ran into Mariah and Lola right after Summer ran out on him and he was looking pretty bad. Next, Lola caught Summer stalking her and Kyle and called her out on her foolishness. Theo added insult to injury when he posted the breakup on social media. On Tuesday, as Elena and Lola were having their girls' night out, they witnessed Kyle begging Summer to take him back. it's as if the powers that be are reducing the couple into idiots instead of the power couple that Skyle fans were expecting. It's also not clear if the earlier reports not to worry about the couple still hold true. Their future is not looking so rosy at this point and fans are beginning to worry.

Lola continues to be a sore spot for Summer.

Lola continues to be a sore spot for Summer.

Summer is calling the shots

Summer is calling all the shots and refusing the gifts that Kyle offered her. In her feelings of betrayal, she is pushing him away without thinking about how permanent this could end up. Soap Dirt says Summer is convinced that Kyle still loves Lola and cannot get that out of her head. This will interfere with her ability to reason clearly. If she does fall into bed with Theo or someone else this will be the last straw for Kyle and he will probably give up completely. It would be just like Theo to tease Summer, make her angry, and coax her into bed while she is hurting. Skyle fans are disappointed because they were expecting a wedding and happily ever after. Kyle and Summer are acting so childish that should they get it together down the road, then the fans probably will be tired of them. First Summer teased Kyle by sleeping with Billy, then she chased him while he was with Lola. Now that she has him she does not believe he really loves her.

Theo and Lola  are part of the ongoing problem.

Theo and Lola are part of the ongoing problem.

Will there be a wedding or not?

This situation has Skyle and Lola fans wondering what is coming next. Will Kyle and Lola get back together or will he reunite with Summer? Could he fall for Sally Spectra when she shows up in Genoa City? Is Theo crafty enough to get Summer back in bed just for the fun of it or will Skyle reunite and have a wedding after all. No one in their families believes they should marry and it's going to be awkward working together at Jabot. Were the earlier spoilers correct that fans should not give up hope, or is this the end of the popular couple? Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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