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General Hospital Spoilers: Charlotte Cassadine Is Heading to Boarding School and May Return Soras.


General Hospital viewers will speculate until they have answers

Amalie McLain was recast as Charlotte Cassadine on General Hospital in December 2021 but was only seen in a few episodes. She took over the role from Scarlett Fernandez whose family moved away from LA. Fans fell in love with Fernandez over the years and were hoping to get to know her successor but now will not have the time. it was assumed that a recast meant Charlotte would remain on the scene but she has not been around since her dad Valentin Cassadine (James PatriStewart) was hospitalized and she was rescued from being held captive by her grandfather Victor Cassadine ( Charles Shaughnessy). Fans have noticed that since COVID 19 hit the presence of children and has decreased on all the soaps..Now spoilers say Charlotte will be sent away to boarding school but she could always return. If and when she does, viewers might notice that she is a victim of SORAS which is Soap opera rapid aging syndrome. The most recent case of this was when a 14 year old Nicolas Bechtel was replaced as Spencer Cassadine by 21 year old Nicholas Alexander Chaves. It’s not clear yet why Charlotte is being sent away or why it wasn’t done in December rather than hiring McLain, but there obviously is a reason for eliminating the character st this time.

The dysfunctional Cassadines and Spencers

At this present time, everyone connected to Charlotte is dealing with serious situations. Her mother Lulu Falconeri ( last portrayed by Emme Rylan) is in a coma in an undisclosed medical facility due to brain trauma from the explosion at the Floating Rib. Her father Valentin is out of town playing mind genes with Jennifer Smith (Holly Gagnier) and dealing with the news that Victor is his biological father. Cousin Spencer was gaslighting his stepmom Ava Cassadine (Maura West).and now is trying to trick his former partner in crime Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) into admitting she framed Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) for making a sex tape of Joslyn Jacks ( Eden McCoy) and Cameron Webber Will Lipton). Her grandma Laura is trying to prove that Victor is still evil and responsible for the death of Luke Spencer ( Anthony Geary) as well as referee between Spencer and Nikolas. Charlotte may one day find out that one grandfather murdered the other one. She is both Spencer and Cassadine and the two families have been at war with each other for decades. If Charlotte returns most fans probably will be hoping that Fernandez will reclaim the role but if the character is SORAS there will probably be a new actress.There actually is no one in Port Charles who can care for Charlotte or her brother Rocco as even Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zampragna) is always on the go. Be on the lookout for General Hospital updates related to Charlotte Cassadine and Amelie McLain.


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