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General Hospital: Could Trevor St John Emerge From the Rubble as Jason?

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St. John might replace Burton

St. John might replace Burton

Process of elimination

Spoilers have said that reliable sources indicate that Steve Burton has taped his last episode as Jason Morgan on General Hospital. These same leakers have said with certainty that Trevor St. John has been hired on the soap. The ABC execs have not given an official statement on either situation. so fans still do not know what to believe There have been stories indicating that St. John might portray Liz Webber's father Jeff Weber but he is too young. On One Life to Live St, John played the twin brother of Roger Howarth's character and on GH as Franco Howarth was married to Elizabeth. Some viewers have suggested that St.John might replace Ingo Rademacher but Jax was Australian. Unless he will be a new character there is a chance that St. John will replace Burton as Jason.

General Hospital viewers will speculate until they have answers

General Hospital viewers have been bombarded with stories about Burton and St. John and simply do not know what to believe. On Monday, Jax said goodbye to Carly and said he was going back to Australia. Rademacher confirmed his exit but Burton has not and this is the problem. Some fans are hoping that he will remain on the ABC soap and emerge from the rubble to enjoy a relationship with Britt. If Jason dies Dr. Westbourne will be racked with guilt because he was on Cassadine Island to help her find her mother. During the last few days, Britt was hanging onto Jason as if she were dating him and her love for him was clear. If he dies Britt will be facing the wrath of Carly and no one wants to see that. it's bad enough that Nina is causing so much pain in Port Charles. Viewers do not desire to see Britt and Obrecht being blamed for Jason's demise. Besides, Jason was also there to assist his brother Drew. Until facts come to light regarding Burton and St. John fans will continue to speculate.

The wildest possibility

Some soap spoilers have headlines that say "Wild speculation" when they project a possibility that might not become a reality. It is indeed wild speculation to believe Jason survived as General Hospital viewers saw the rubble fall on him. Certainly, the writers would not have him escape and have amnesia because this would be playing a worn-out storyline on GH. Jason was presumed dead when he was shot and fell in the after then emerged later as patient 6. Burton could have decided to take the COVID vaccine and is remaining on the show but if he did not he could at a later date and return. GH fans are already dealing with Victor and Nikolas Cassadine and are tired of these types of plots. Jason could be found under the rubble or somehow make his way out and it will be Trevor St. John in place of Steve Burton. St. John and Burton are of similar height and build and their hair is close in color. St. John is 50 and Burton 51 so a recast is possible.

Could Brason really have a chance?

General Hospital viewers have been enjoying watching Britt and Jason reconnect. Now that Jax is leaving town Dr. Westbourne's options for dating have been cut in half. It would be nice to see the character of Jason remain even if Burton leaves. Some fans have been saying on social media that they want Sonny with Nina, Britt with Jason, and Carly to end up with no one. When Jax told his ex-wife that he was leaving Port Charles she immediately blamed Nina. She could not simply wish the father of her daughter well but had to say something hurtful. If Jason is recast and decides to stay with Britt then Carly may not have access to him like she used to. When the truth comes out about Sonny and Nina this si going to break her heart. Hopefully, it will not be long before General Hospital fans have some facts regarding the fate of Jason. At least the powers that be are remaining silent rather than giving contradictory information. On CBS The Young and the Restless fired Donny Boaz who portrayed Chance Chancellor and said the role would not be recast. Rumors of a recast began surfacing and now it is official that Conner Floyd has the role. GH viewers should hang tight because we are closer to knowing the truth now than ever. Which will it be, will Jason remain the same, die, disappear, or be recast? Stay tuned to find out.

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