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The Young and the Restless Spoiler Alerts for the Week of November 11

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Kyle and Summer will soon be spending a lot of time together.

Kyle and Summer will soon be spending a lot of time together.

Ashley returns to Genoa City with a proposition for her new nephew

Soaps She Knows at Soaps.com indicates that their spoiler alerts are reliable because they come straight from the CBS studio. For the week of November 11, there will be some shifting going on with the Abbott family. Ashley will return to Genoa City from Paris with a dual mission that involves both business and family. She will be eager to meet her new nephew and also have a job offer for him. Jack has welcomed his half brother's son with open arms and during a moment of clarity, Madame Mergeron thought Theo was his father Eric. Dina told her son and grandson that family should always look out for each other.

On Wednesday's episode of The Young and the Restless, the Abbott family welcomed Theo with a get together at the mansion. Abby, Jack, Traci, and Lola were very welcoming while Kyle put his foot in his mouth at every turn. Theo told his relatives that he expected nothing from them then called Summer and asked her to hurry back from Georgia. When Ashley comes home she will be happy to meet her new nephew and will offer him a job working for her in Paris. This may possibly be how M. Vanderway makes his exit from Genoa City

Summer and Kyle may be poised to reconnect

Summer has been out of town on Jabot business in Georgia. On Wednesday, right after Theo called her, Kyle phoned his former wife and asked her to rein in her boyfriend. Summer and Lola are both caught in the middle of these two men that they care about. Soaps She Knows says that Kyle and Summer will soon begin spending more time together on the job and also in their personal lives.

Lola walked out on Kyle during the dinner for Theo because her husband would not stop his snide remarks. She has a soft spot for Mr. Vanderway and it infuriates her spouse. This is causing problems in the marriage and Kyle may find he is turning to his ex for moral support. Theo is all over the place with his emotions and finding out he is part of the Abbott clan is overwhelming him. This is why he might accept Ashley's offer to work in Paris.

The drama with Kyle, his feelings for Summer and the growing attraction to Lola might be a bit much. Thro in Jack, Abby, and Traci trying to make nice and Dina's Alzheimer's disease and Mr. Vanderway may want to run for the hills. He and Summer are not serious so there is really no reason to stick around Genoa City. Should he accept his aunt's offer, he will have fame, fortune, and a part of the family dynasty all while living abroad. Should Theo leave town with Ashley this will give Summer the opportunity to pursue Kyle without distraction.

Theo and Lola may be expendable

It's not always easy for those who watch The Young and the Restless to figure out what the writers are planning. It's not likely that Theo will turn Ashley down and remain in Genoa City long term as he and Summer are only friends with benefits. There will always be problems with Kyle and the other Abbotts will probably never accept him 100% no matter how hard they try. Lola and Kyle are a cute couple but probably do not have staying power. Theo and his cousin through marriage might just be doomed.

The Y&R writers have danced around "Skyle" putting them together and pulling them apart for years. It's reminiscent of the 1980s when super couples reigned. There were always obstacles in the way but in the end, the fans got what they wanted. Luke and Laura on General Hospital, along with Bo and Hope, Jack and Jennifer and Shane and Kimberly on Days of Our Lives all overcame what was meant to keep them apart. The Young and the Restless may not go so far as to have Lola leave Kyle and go off to Paris with Theo, but Kola is more than likely doomed.


Eva Rollison on November 12, 2019:

Go to a new storyline you put the same people back together they leave each other they go back that is so boring

Cheryl E Preston (author) from Roanoke on November 08, 2019:

Yes that’s very true

Gail on November 07, 2019:

I think Lola and Kyle are good together. They have so much chemistry and should not be broken up. On the other hand... Summer should not get her way to be with Kyle because she always does. She is such a spoiled brat. She deserves someone like Theo. The both of them needs to leave with Ashley when she goes back to Paris. Leave Kyle and Lola's relationship alone. Let Lola get pregnant...give them a baby and let them be happy.

Tippy on November 07, 2019:

I sure hope the writers at least get Lola off the show, Summer belongs with Kyle , she is so much a better person with Kyle...I really care how the writers get Lola out of his life as long as they do...cant Stand Lola and Kyle together, just sickening

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