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Chance and Abby Reunion Causes Problems for Devon on the Young and the Restless

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A family affair

A family affair

Devon might shed his good guy image

Bryton James has been portraying Devon Hamilton on The Young and the Restless since 2004. One thing that has not changed in the past 17 years is the fact that the character has remained a good guy. Viewers have yet to see the ruthless side of Katherine Chancellor's (Jeannie Cooper) grandson but it's possible they will soon. The writers have placed Devon in a situation where he might find himself coming out swinging all because Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) did not come home to Abby Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) Devon has spent the majority of this year bonding with Abby and Dominic and stepping in when no one knew where Chance was. He would not be human if he did not feel some kind of way now that Phillip Chancellor IV has returned to Genoa City. Abby and Chance reuniting will cause more heartache for their sperm donor than he can even realize.

Chance and Abby

Chance and Abby

Devon will be in a tight spot

Spoilers had been suggesting that Devon might break up with Amanda for Abby but this does not look like a possibility now that Chance has returned. There will be some adjustments that have to be made and Devon will be hit the hardest. Abby left her baby with his biological dad while she went off to search for her missing husband so additional bonding has taken place. Once CHance is settled in Devon cannot just continue showing up at the Chancellor mansion whenever he desires. He donated the sperm and helped to bring Dominic Abbott Newman Chancellor into the world and he is also the baby's godfather. He has a strong bond with this child and his emotions are about to be tested. It will be interesting to find out if Devon steps back when Chance comes home or tries to assert himself even further into the baby's life. This situation has Devon in a tight spot and viewers may get to see him in a different light should he begin making demands.


Victor Newman will try to mange the situation

Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) thinks highly of Devon and loved his father Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John). he will not however side with his grandson's biological father against his own daughter. Victor will be thrilled that his son-in-law is home and do everything in his power to ensure Abby's happiness. Should Devon protest about being shut out of Dominic's life there will probably be some words between the two men. Devon could find himself going up against Abby, Chance, and Victor. If only CHance had come home and been a part of Mariah's pregnancy and birth as well as the first 3 months of Dominic's life. Devon would never have been involved in the baby's life to the extent that he is. Now he has fallen in love with the little boy, and spent significant time with him. It will not be so easy to just hand him over to another man to raise even though that was the agreement. Victor will probably try to reason with Devon but it might come a bit too late.

Chance could have emotional issues

In the top photo Melissa Ordway and Conner Floyd look like they were made for each other as Chance and Abby. Floyd will probably flow in the role and make it his own There is also the possibility that might have some issues that are related to his ordeal and he might not be able to be the husband and father that Abby desires. The Young and The Restless might not allow certain things to come out right away and the couple might initially enjoy some time alone together. This could bring up some issues with Devon and also Mariah regarding their new roles in Dominic's life. Chance might be normal or dealing with PTSD or other disorders. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly at least for a while but soap fans know there is always a dark cloud wrapped around every silver lining in Genoa City. Abby and Chance took a risk by having two people they know so well to bring their child into the world. Some spoilers suggest that Devon might initiate a lawsuit for custody which would really shake things up so stay tuned.

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Eva Rollison on November 12, 2019:

Go to a new storyline you put the same people back together they leave each other they go back that is so boring

Cheryl E Preston (author) from Roanoke on November 08, 2019:

Yes that’s very true

Gail on November 07, 2019:

I think Lola and Kyle are good together. They have so much chemistry and should not be broken up. On the other hand... Summer should not get her way to be with Kyle because she always does. She is such a spoiled brat. She deserves someone like Theo. The both of them needs to leave with Ashley when she goes back to Paris. Leave Kyle and Lola's relationship alone. Let Lola get pregnant...give them a baby and let them be happy.

Tippy on November 07, 2019:

I sure hope the writers at least get Lola off the show, Summer belongs with Kyle , she is so much a better person with Kyle...I really care how the writers get Lola out of his life as long as they do...cant Stand Lola and Kyle together, just sickening

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