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Billy and Phyllis Are Closer To Taking Down Sally and Tara on the Young and the Restless


A promise to keep

Before Summer left Genoa City she asked Billy to make her a promise. She wants him to keep an eye on Kyle and he agreed. Billy tried to talk to his nephew but Kyle has not forgiven him for sleeping with Summer. Kyle is blaming the entire incident on Billy although his fiancee was the aggressor and admitted she was going to seduce the man who was dating her mother at that time. The news of that hook up is not widely known in Genoa City and it seems THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS writers are trying to rectify the situation. First Summer and Billy came to terms and he apologized to her before telling Lily all about the encounter. Lily forgave Billy and life moved on. Just before she left for Milan, Summer paid Kyle's uncle a visit and asked him to be sure to watch out for his nephew. On Friday Billy attended the Abbott family gathering to welcome Harrison into the fold. Tracy, Ashley, Jack, and Kyle were all on hand as well as Tara, Afterward, Billy shared with Lily that Mrs Locke was just a little bit too comfortable in his family mansion and he suspected she was up to something. Now he has hooked up with Phyllis in order to keep his promise to her daughter.

Summer and Kyle are poised to reconnect

Skyle fans have fallen in love with Michael Mealor and Hunter King who have great chemistry together. It's shocking that these two popular high-profile characters might exit together especially a couple that never got their happy ending. On Friday Nick said goodbye to his daughter and was about to head back to Genoa City when he found out Phyllis had arrived in Italy. Spoilers say Billy and Phyllis are going to work together on some issue and it probably has to do with his suspicions regarding Tara. These ex spouse may play a part in exposing what Tara and Sally Spectra have been up to. This may lead to the Skyle reunion that THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS viewers have been waiting for. No one knows how many more episodes of the CBS drama will feature Summer but the rumor mill is giving hope to Skyle fans. What is being reported is that Kyle will fly to Italy and the couple will get back together. This could be a result of Philly doing some digging and coming up with dirt on Tara. Spoilers are also teasing that there could be an onscreen wedding for the dup but this has not been confirmed.


The truth sets free

Spoilers have not given any details on exactly how all of this will take place but it's certain that Billy and Phyllis will dig up dirt on Tara and Sally. Those who watch THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS are eager for Tara and Sally. Mrs. Locke has already betrayed her new friend by lying about the video. When Sally inadvertently got footage of Austin shouting and having a hard time breathing, Tara said she should delete it but sent a copy to herself first. tara leaked the video to news outlets and now is planning on seeing her dying husband for soul custody of Harrison. It's clear that Tara is ruthless and will go to any lengths to get her way. Even so, now that Michael Mealor and Hunter King are leaving ATHE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS all of this drama must come to an end. The truth will have to be revealed and Phyllis and Billy will probably see to it that it does.


Billy does right by Summer

Phyllis pretended to befriend Tara but Mrs. Locke knew she was pretending. Billy and his ex know there is a connection with Sally and are trying their best to put all the pieces together. Soem viewers believe that Sally might tur on Tara because she leaked the video. If she does it will ruin her chances with Jack. Those who watch THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS are eager for Tara to be kicked to the curb and some are hoping that Harrison will turn out not to be Kyle's son. Spoilers say Phyllis will spy on a date between Jack and Sally next week but it's not clear if anything will come of it. Time is running out with the departures of King and Mealor coming up. Phyllis and Billy need to act soon and start the ball rolling on the downfall of Tara and Sally. Spoilers tease that Billy will indeed keep hsi promise to Summer and what he finds out might even lead the a Skyle reunion so stay tuned.

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Eva Rollison on November 12, 2019:

Go to a new storyline you put the same people back together they leave each other they go back that is so boring

Cheryl E Preston (author) from Roanoke on November 08, 2019:

Yes that’s very true

Gail on November 07, 2019:

I think Lola and Kyle are good together. They have so much chemistry and should not be broken up. On the other hand... Summer should not get her way to be with Kyle because she always does. She is such a spoiled brat. She deserves someone like Theo. The both of them needs to leave with Ashley when she goes back to Paris. Leave Kyle and Lola's relationship alone. Let Lola get pregnant...give them a baby and let them be happy.

Tippy on November 07, 2019:

I sure hope the writers at least get Lola off the show, Summer belongs with Kyle , she is so much a better person with Kyle...I really care how the writers get Lola out of his life as long as they do...cant Stand Lola and Kyle together, just sickening

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