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'The Young and the Restless' Fans Are Cheated out of Seeing Chloe Give Birth

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Kevin, Bella, and Chloe

Kevin, Bella, and Chloe

COVID can't be blamed for everything

Those who watch The Young and the Restless understand that there are COVID-19 restrictions in place. These are enforced so that the cast and crew will be safe. The current coronavirus, however, cannot be blamed for every decision on the CBS daytime drama. Some of them are simply choices that are made by the powers that be. Many viewers have been angry because Kevin and Chloe have not been utilized since they returned to town and now the writers have cheated their fans out of viewing the birth of their baby boy. Spoilers have been saying for several weeks that the time for the Fisher baby to be born was near. Fans assumed that they would get to see fun scenes as Kevin and his wife prepared for the arrival of their son. On Monday, Chloe was shown coming down the stairs at the Chancellor mansion and Kevin was preparing to take her to the hospital. Esther gave her daughter a pep talk before she left for the hospital. The next thing viewers heard was Lauren on Wednesday, telling Jack that the baby had been born. The birth scenes could have been filmed using social distancing. Kevin could have been standing to the side of his wife and the doctors naturally would have been at the foot of the bed. Viewers know that right now a real baby cannot be used but Y&R could have found a way to have Kevin or Chloe holding a blanket where the baby would have been. Some fans are angry because this seems more like another slight towards these popular characters than COVID-19 restrictions.

The Fisher's futue is at stake

Many of those who watch The Young and the Restless were eagerly awaiting the birth of baby Fisher and hoping to see Gloria and Esther as doting grandmothers. It was confirmed last week that Judith Chaman would be returning to the CBS daytime drama, but fans don't know if this is temporary, or if she will have a contract role. Lauren said that the Fishers had not yet named their child so maybe when they get back home, their fans might be able to at least watch them choose what they will call their baby boy. It was great to see Lauren on screen again and this gave fans hope that Michael, as well as Kevin and Chloe, will be getting more airtime as well. Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Chloe will receive a visit from Chelsea and advise her friend to drop Adam like a hot potato. Nothing else is mentioned in regard to what will happen now that the baby has been born. Viewers need to know that the Fishers have a solid future in Genoa City and will get the airtime they deserve. Missing the baby's birth has been disappointing for fans and they no wonder what the fate fo the future will hold for Kevin and Chloe.

Spoilers are silent

Soap Dirt also reveals that Chloe will advise Chelsea to walk away from Adam but it's not clear whether or not she will listen. Nick advised her on Thursday to leave town with Adam, but now Chelsea may be confused. There is no way to know what she will do but it will be good to have her close friend on hand. Let's hope the writers will make up for the amount fo time that Chloe ad Kevin have been off-screen by giving them a meaningful storyline. Bringing them back to be on the sidelines of other storylines is not what their devoted fans want to see. Viewers thought perhaps they would see comical scenes with Esther, Chloe, and Kevin. Instead, all they got was Chloe yelling that she might give birth on the stairs. This was alluding to the fact that Esther gave birth to Chloe on the steps in the Chancellor mansion. Spoilers do not mention the Fishers during the next two weeks except for Chloe talking to Chelsea so viewers don't have much to go on. Be on the lookout for updates and breaking news regarding Chloe, Kevin, Bella, and the new baby. Hopefully, the powers that will keep them in Genoa City for a long time to come.

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Ang on October 24, 2019:

Pls don't break up Kyle and lola. Can't one couple be married more than a month, let them be long timers!

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