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The Young and the Restless Should Utilize Cast Members That Are Not Abbott's or Newman's

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Michael, Kevin, and Chloe

Michael, Kevin, and Chloe

Favorites still do not get air time

During the past three years on The Young and the Restless, Genoa City was turned upside down and ratings decreased. When Mal Young was head writer, he fired Doug Davidson and brought four members of the Rosales family on board. Arturo had an affair with Nikki, Rey seemed to run the GCPD and even sat in Paul's office chair. Mia was a wild card who caused chaos and Lola was the sweet, innocent one. Fans of the CBS daytime drama were outraged that the Abbots and Newman's were sidelined for the newcomers.

Mal Young had Victor and Nikki agreed to an open marriage and rewrote the Abbott family history. Eric Braeden spoke out on social media about the firing of Doug Davidson and the many changes on The Young and the Restless. Viewers voiced their disapproval that Michael and Lauren were placed on the back burner and Greg Rikaart who portrays Kevin was written out of the show. Eileen Davidson and Mishael Morgan left the show and Chistel Khalil went on recurring status. Eventually, Young was fired and new head writer Josh Griffith began making changes that pleased the viewers. Doug Davidson and Greg Rikaart were rehired and Eileen Davidson began returning for short stints.

Elizabeth Hendrickson came back as Chloe, while Mia and Arturo were written out of the show. Michael and Lauren began getting more screen time and the Newmans and Abbott's were in front burner storylines. Those who enjoy The Young and the Restless were happy that things seemed to be headed in the right direction but now it looks like there is trouble in paradise. Mal Young's reign of terror seems to be continuing under the new regime.

Josh Griffith is no longer pleasing the fans

Josh Griffith seems to be heading in the direction of his predecessor based on what has taken place recently on The Young and the Restless. Viewers realize that the Newmans and Abbotts are the core families in Genoa City, but other characters deserve some great storylines as well. Paul has only been seen sporadically, while Michael, Lauren, Chloe, and Kevin are for the most part MIA. Adam Newman is dominating the CBS daytime drama and adversely affecting the lives of Sharon, Phyllis, Rey, Nick, and Billy.

History has been rewritten once again with the revelation that Theo is Dina's grandson. The Young and the Restless viewers have been expressing their displeasure with this storyline with some threatening to stop watching the show. Mishael Morgan seems to be the only actor who returned that is getting decent airtime. The viewers want to see more of Paul, Laureen, Michael, Chloe, and Kevin. There is so much more to this CBS daytime drama than Newman Enterprises and Jabot Cosmetics. Many viewers continue to be troubled at the abrupt firing of Daniel Goddard who portrayed Cane Ashby. The character has been dealing with awkward storylines for two years prior to being let go. The drama surrounding Katherine Chancellor's will was not popular with viewers and many wonder why it as even inserted into the show.

The Young and the Restless upcoming spoilers

Spoilers say that Chloe will soon have her baby but there is no other information available about what will happen afterward. Kevin, his wife, brother, and sister in law continue to not be given storylines. Fans are wondering why veteran cast members are no longer on the screen but the writers do not seem to care. Right now Kyle and Summer are front and center and their family members are up- in arms about their engagement. Victoria and Billy are going after Adam and Victor is going to double back on Billy for trying to hurt his son. The fans are crying out for their favorite characters to have storylines but they have yet to be heeded. Many viewers thought that during the hiatus the writers would come up with better storylines and bring back veteran actors, but they did not. All fans can do is stay tuned and continue addressing these issues. The ratings have been dropping so perhaps at some point the writers will figure it out. Let's hope they do before it's too late.

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