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The Young and the Restless: Summer Proves to Be as Ruthless as Victor and as Sneaky as Phyllis

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Allison Lanier makes Summer her own.

Fans of The Young and the Restless knew that Alison Lanier would bring a different Summer Newman to the CBS soap but tno one was ready for what is now taking place. The writers have not only changed the face of the popular character but given her an entirely different outlook on life. Summer has matured while living abroad and has become a fierce and protective mama bear to her stepson Harrison Locke (Kellan Enriquez). The Summer who returned from Milan is a shrewd businesswoman who wants Jabot to purchase the company she had been working for in Milan so she can run things from Genoa City. She also decided to give the appearance of playing nice with Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) but is keeping a watchful eye on her mother-in-law. More importantly, Summer is. advising Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) to take legal action to cut Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) completely out of the life of the little boy he raised as his own. This new Summer is focused, determined, and using her authority and proving she can be as sneaky and abrasive as her mother Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). She also has in her DNA the ruthlessness of her paternal grandfather Victor Newman (Eric Braeden(and bringing these attributes front and center will help Lanier make the character her own.

Victor claims Harrison as a Newman

On Monday's episode of The Young and the Restless Victor staked his claim to Harrison by referring to the child as his grandson. He even had the audacity to say the boy is just as much Newman as Abbott. Fans who had been wondering what mischief Victor could possibly get into at this point need to worry no more. His agenda is to make sure Harrison forgets he ever heard of Ashland. Victor met with his granddaughter and emphasized to her all the reasons legal steps should be taken that will send Locke packing from Genoa City. Ashland thought he had Diane on his side but she told him she could not help him. Diane announces that she had a lovely visit with Kyle, Summer, and Harrison and that her grandson calls her his "Dee Dee." She says she does not want to do anything to cause problems. Meanwhile, Victor tells Summer that Michael Baldwin is on the case and he believes they can get rid of Ashland. Victor tells Summer to push Kyle to take legal action and she agrees. She later shares all with her spouse and they discuss what they believe is best for their son. Spoilers say that in the coming weeks' Kyle will hesitate on obtaining a restraining order against Ashland and be concerned that Victor has too much influence in the situation. The Newman has declared Harrison as a part of his family which indicates he will meddle in Kyle's business whenever he pleases.

Summer has chosen her battles

Summer, being the daughter of Phyllis and granddaughter of Victor is a combination that's more of a curse than a blessing. She is fighting the desire to be impulsive but is showing the strength and tenacity of her mother. Like her grandpa she is carefully choosing her battle strategies. Her mom wants to declare open season on Diane but Summer is following her husband's lead while keeping a close eye on the situation. Where Ashland is concerned she is in agreement with Victor and advising her husband accordingly. This is a situation of too many cooks in the kitchen. and somebody is going to be burned. Ashland is Harrison's legal father who raised him while Kyle is the biological dad and Summer the stepmom. Victor really should have no say so in the matter and has no right to manipulate his granddaughter. Spoilers say Kyle will become suspicious when Victor mentions wanting Ashland to leave Genoa City and questions that his wife's grandfather may be using his son as a pawn. Summer truly loves Harrison as if he were her own child and will stand firm where Diane and Ashland are concerned and she may even hold her own with Victor. She might, however, want to prepare herself for a bigger fight that is coming. Tara Locke ( Chloe Lenire) is Harrison's birth mom and eventually, she will be released from prison. Summer will need every ounce of Newman, Abbott, and Summers strength when that day arrives. Be on the lookout for updates from The Young and the Restless on this developing storyline.

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