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Port Charles Residents Brace For Impending Doom

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Port Charles on high alert

The residents of Port Charles are now on high alert and bracing for some serious fallout. During the final scenes of Thursday's episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL, Dante received a call from Jordan and now he is off somewhere obviously to deal with a crime. Nikolas interrupted the exchange between Carly and Cyrus and Jason showed up to save the day. Valentin notified Anna that Peter might be on the run so let's take a look at what got everyone in these situations. Peter August was actually still lying at the foot of the hospital stairs and was being shown in flashbacks. Spoilers indicate that it may not be until Tuesday when we find out who put Mr. August in this situation but it's looking like Valentin may have tried to stop him.. Maxie is about to give birth at any moment but has gotten the upper hand on nurse Chloe by throwing hot tea in her face. Maxie had no idea where she was and began walking through a wooded area begging her baby to not be born yet. Jason decided to leave Britt for a few days in order to return to Port Charles but she did not want him to go.


Deception in the midst

This may be how the show explains the absence of Kelly Thiebaud who was quarantined for 10 days because of a false negative COVID test. Brason are growing closer and Jason even confided in Britt about how he came to work for Sonny. Meanwhile, Dante and Sam were sparring with each other during a softball game but this really added nothing to current events until Dante received his call to take care of business. Cyrus wants to exchange Spinelli for Gladys who is in surgery but Carly left this minor detail out of the equation. Ava offered to be a decoy and pose as Gladys but Nikolas did not agree and left the two women alone. GENERAL HOSPITAL viewers who were thinking the prince was up to something were accurate because later he almost blows the entire situation. Any time Ava Jerome and Carly Corinthos agree to work together you know things are getting bad in Port Chuck. Ms. Jerome/Cassadine is desperate to see Cyrus taken down because he is a threat to her family.

Nikolas and Ava at odds as Valentin makes a threat

it looks like the honeymoon is over because Nikolas did not want his wife posing as Gladys in order for Carly's men to have time to form a team. Carly called Brick and asked him to get some people together as Maxie continued to be in hard labor in the woods. All of this drama is only the tip of the iceberg regarding the fallout from Cyrus and Peter. Gladys needs to pull through in order to give her testimony against Renault but she might be so frightened that she changes her mind, Jason eventually convinced Britt that he should go to Port Charles alone and end things regarding Cyrus and Peter.. Carly called and put him up to speed and things are pretty tense for everyone. Britt is stressing out over her Huntington's disease is being exasperated because of her half-brother and her former boss. Valentin is on edge and threatened to kill Peter because Brook Lynn lied about being followed. She is trying to get rid of Uri so she can make the exchange with Maxie.


Roger Howarth returned as a doctor

Valentin asks Peter for the antidote pointing out that if Chase dies he loses his leverage. August says he does not keep the antidote on him but will have some made. As Maxie's contractions continue a man dressed in only shorts appears and flashes a light in her face. It's Roger Howarth's new character who happens to be a doctor and volunteers to deliver the baby because cell service is not good in the area. Spoilers had indicated that Howarth may be in some form of undress and indeed he was. Nurse Chloe has gotten to her feet and headed out to look for her patient. Carly arrives to find Spinelli gagged but does not give Ava up as a decoy. Trent is outside the vehicle that Ms. Jerome is in and the tension is mounting in Port Charles.


Surprise surprise

At the end of the episode, Maxie gives birth but there is a problem. The doctor is holding the baby in the backpack that is around his neck and hanging in front of him. Baby Lu, however, is not crying and the preview for Friday has Maxie asking if the doctor is working for Peter. The implication seems to be that the medical man may not be on the side of the new mother. Valentin noticed a packed bag on Peter's floor and alerts Anna that he might be going on the run while things take a drastic turn with new mob boss Carly. Just as Renault is about to hand over Spinelli, his men bring in Nikolas who obviously was following his wife. Jason appears out of nowhere with a gun drawn so now there is a standoff. Jordan was probably tipped off about the danger and Dante is probably on his way to this warehouse. Sam is no doubt close behind him. What will they find when they arrive is anybody's guess so stay tuned to find out. Will there be bloodshed at the warehouse and is Peter bleeding out on the floor? Is Maxie's baby in danger and will Jason return for Britt? Is Carly going to prove herself the reigning mob boss and take Cyrus down? Port Charles is filled with gloom right now and bracing for doom but it could all change in an instant.


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Nick should be with Phyliss, not Chelsea

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