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The Young and the Restless Spoilers for weeks of March 2-19

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Kyle and Theo continue to have friction

Kyle and Theo continue to have friction

Health issues bring concern and deception is revealed

Soaps She Knows obtains information straight from the CBS studio. For this reason, their spoiler alerts have been proven accurate. This website has stated that life is about to become even more complicated for the Abbott family on The Young and the Restless. During the first week in March, Sharon is going to open up to Jack about her breast cancer. Nikki has some harsh words for Billy regarding Victoria''s health and Reed returns to Genoa City to visit his mother, Adam has volunteered to run Newman until his sister returns to work but Victor and Nikki hope Nick will reconsider.

At some point, during the next two weeks, Victor will make a decision about his company, while his daughter recuperates. Spoilers say he will challenge Nick and find common ground with Adam but the meaning is not clear. It could be that he allows his youngest son to run his company, but earlier spoilers suggested that Nick would get the job. Tessa will catch Mariah with Lyndsay and Ms. Porter's plans will blow up in her face. Chloe is going to catch Kevin in a trap, Lauren, and Jack will have to work together to solve a dilemma and Michael and Lauren must weather a storm together. Fans who enjoy Ashley, the Fishers, and the Baldwins will be glad to see they have some screen time. Doug Davidson fans are troubled because the actor who portrays Paul recently tweeted that he did not have any upcoming scenes.

Phyllis and Jill scheme

Jill and Phyllis are both schemers by nature and they will be back to their old tricks soon. Nick is going to confront Phyllis about why she kissed him at the gala and warn her they will not be getting back together. Phyllis explains that she is now the sole owner of the Grand Phoenix hotel and pretends she only came by to talk to him about real estate. Ms. Summers will leave but she returns due to an ice storm and announces to Nick that she is spending the night. It's obvious she wants to get back together with Nick and will not stop until she gets what she desires

Billy comforts Amanda who can't believe Ripley wanted her dead. Spoilers also say Billy takes some type of risk soon. He and Ms. Sinclair have been dancing around each other and the writers don't seem to know what to do with them. This week, however, they will examine their connection. Last week Jill asked him to run Chancellor Industries and spoilers say on March 9th, she will unveil a secret plan that most likely has something to do with her son. Jill will not stop until Billy is living the life she believes is best for him and Phyllis will have Nick in her bed so quickly he won’t know what hit him.

Jack, Sharon and Kyle have an interesting week

Soaps.com says that Jack will have an unexpected visitor this week but don’t say who it is. It’s already been announced that Traci is returning home and that Ashley and Jack have business to discuss. Perhaps Jill talks to her son’s half brother about intervention before Billy crashes and burns. Maybe Gloria will return and be sitting at her desk in the reception area of Jabot. It had been announced by spoilers that Judith Chapman was returning to The Young and the Restless, but so far nothing has been confirmed.

Sharon and Nikki will grow closer which is a bright spot in the cancer battle. The women put their differences aside and Sharon allows her former mother in law to be someone she can depend on. Theo told Summer last week that he does not believe she and Kyle are not out to get him. This is going to keep the drama going at Jabot. Theo hanging around Lola is not going to help matters. Be sure to continue watching The Young and the Restless each weekday afternoon on CBS at 12:30 PM EST. Remember that CBS soaps will be preempted on March 17 and 28 due to the NCAA March Madness tournament.


Cheryl E Preston (author) from Roanoke on November 07, 2019:

Yes so true

Rosewood on November 07, 2019:

Kyle has always been supportive for his family,Summer ,would have been his dream mate. Thanks to “Young” the plot has changed, it makes lot of since that he moved on.Theo want Kyle Summer want Kyle.Kyle want his wife without drama show the fans a real love story,

Victor is old Love story.