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The Young and the Restless: Rey’s Death Shatters Sharon and Will Affect Genoa City Residents in Surprising Ways


Sharon knew what was coming

Thursday, on The Young and the Restless Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) seemed to know what was coming her way as time went by and she did not hear from Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso). As she chatted with Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) Sharon seemed to know her husband was not going to return. Each time she called him and did not get an answer the worry on her face increased. As Chelsea said Rey was probably going slow because of the fog or perhaps received a call from the police station. Sharon seemed to be in another world. Right after Chelsea left Nick Newman ( Josh Morrow) showed up and began talking about the 3 cars that crashed. Sharon had a strange look on her face and tried to change the subject. Dr began talking fast and avoiding eye contact as Nick told her Victoria was safe. When he tried to continue the conversation Sharon did not desire to hear anything more. Finally, before Nick could reveal that Rey had died Sharon said she knew what he was going to say. Once Nick confirmed Rey’s death Sharon collapsed in his arms and began sobbing. This is now the beginning of a lot of drama in Genoa City as spoilers say Rey’s demise will lead to many surprises.

What Y&R viewers know at this point

From what was revealed on Thursday fans of The Young and the Restless know that Rey was swerving and went into Victoria's lane. He was probably in a hurry as he was rushing to take Conner Newman ( Judah McKay) and Chelsea to the ball game. Victoria saw the headlights and crashed trying to avoid Rey and Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) who was following her did the same. It looks like Tey is to blame for his own death but as a police officer, it would seem that he would have been more careful. Ashland said he checked Rey’s pulse and realized he was dead so he focused totally on Vicki. Y&R fans also know that Rey’s death will open up old wounds for Sharon who lost her daughter Cassie in a car crash and relived that nightmare when her younger daughter Faith Newman (Reylynn Caster) drove drunk snd hit a tree. will be normal for a shattered Sharon to grove her husband and also ponder the past. Spoilers are saying that some unexpected twists and turns will come in the aftermath of Rey’s death and viewers will be trying to figure out what comes next. It is already being reported that Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) will comfort Chelsea just as Nick is a shoulder for Sharon to lean on. Viewers are probably expecting Chadam and Shick to reunite but things could go in the other direction.

Possible plot twists

Things could shift and Sharon could reconnect with Adam and Nick and Chelsea might find their way back to each other. because the writers like to mix things up. There also may be some unexpected shifts in the storyline now that Tey is deceased. Rey’s memorial service might take place off-screen in Genoa City or possibly Miami. If The Young and the Restless has a service during an upcoming episode then possibly some of Rey’s family members may come back to town. There will probably be an official police investigation but there is no one on-screen connected to the GCPD except Chance Chancellor ( Conner Floyd). Paul Williams ( Doug Davidson) is mentioned from time to time so some fans might hope he will show up in future episodes. The big question will be why Detective Rosales drove into the wrong lane. His vision may have been affected by the thick fog or the police might find that Rey's car malfunctioned or was tampered with. Perhaps an autopsy might reveal that Rey had a medical emergency that caused him to blackout. Victoria is already blaming herself and saying she should not have been on the road. Chelsea and Conner many believe it's their fault because Rey went back home to get the tickets. One thing that is certain is that Sharon is devastated and will need everyone too help her move forward so stay tuned.

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