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The Young and the Restless: The Rosales Family: Once There Were Four and Then There Were None

Cheryl has been watching the soaps for 50 years and writing about them for 10

Rey, Lola, and Arturo,

Rey, Lola, and Arturo,

Mal Young causes chaos jn Genoa City

Jordi Vilasaro who portrays Ray Rosales recently confirmed that he is leaving The Young and the Restless. He gave the typical speech about being thankful for his time on the show and added that he was proud to represent the Latino community. The actor's journey with the CBS soap began In 2018 when Mal Young was the head writer and brought the Rosales family to Genoa City in an attempt to diversify. It was the manner in which Young operated that angered fans and the new cast members never stood a chance. First, there was Arturo Rosales (Jason Canela) who was having an affair with Nikki Newman Melody Thomas Scott because Young decided Nikki and Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) should have an open marriage. Next Lola Rosales Sasha Calle) showed up with her food cart and fell in love with Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor). Rey and his wife Mia Rosales (Noemi Gonzalez) soon followed. Young had these new characters in practically every episode at the expense of veteran cast members. Fans complained Young was fired and Arturo and Mia were written out by going back to Miami. After divorcing Kyle, Lola followed her brother and sister-in-law to Miami which came after Calle scored a role as Supergirl in the movie The Flash. The actress was supposed to have her own movie but instead, she will star in a Supergirl television series. Faans expecting Lola to return to Genoa City will be disappointed. Now with Rey's exit, there will be no one left with the name Rosales except Sharon.

Rey was never developed

Rey remained the only member of his family to remain in Genoa City and sadly the character was never developed. He married Sharon Newman Rosales ( Sharon Case) but always seemed to be on the outside looking in where his wife was concerned. Once Noah Newman ( Rory Gibson) returned to Genoa City in October some fans said this was the end of Shey because Sharon and Nick Newman (Josh Morrow) began reminiscing about old times they had with their son. Rey is taking a backseat to Nick the same way he stood by and tried to understand the bond his wife had with Adam Newman ( Mark Grossman). Rey resides on the outskirts of Sharon’s family which includes scenes where there constant gushing over Mariah Copeland ( Cameron Grimes) and Tessa Porter ( Cait Fairbanks).. Rey is not shown in his work environment and until recently spent a lot of time focused on Adam.Y&R viewers kept waiting for Detective Rosales to come into his own but the writers did not properly develop the character. If Mal Young had not pushed aside veteran actors like Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) when the Rosales family was introduced. things might be different now. Nothing has been said regarding how or why Rey exits so fans must stay tuned.

Could Vilasaro be the sacrificial lamb for Michael?

Some fans of The Young and the Restless will question the timing of Vilaruso’s firing as it comes just after the announcement that is Michael Mealor has been rehired as Kyle Abbott. Mealor allegedly left after contract negotiations fell through. He has not found any other acting jobs and now he is returning. The Young and the Restless has also recently hired Kelsey Esng as Ally and Susan Walters had returned as Diane Jenkins. Fans of the CBS soap don’t understand why the execs continue to hire new cast members rather than make good use of the ones they have. There are several ways that Rey could leave Genoa City which include dying, moving back to Miami or going to a different location. Many fans of He might get a job offer and ask Sharon to move with him but she refuses. He could die in an accident or on a case. Most likely Rey will become fed up with the closeness between Sharon and Nick and see the handwriting on the wall. Many fans of The Young and the Restless liked the character of Rey but he was placed in an impossible situation. Sharon will always be deeply tied to the Newman’s as she has been romantically involved with Victor Newman ( Eric Braeden) and both of his sons. Two of her three children are with Nick and she has strong ties to Adam. The storyline had seemed headed in a direction where Rey and Chelsea Lawson( Melissa Claire Egan were going to hook up but now that seems unlikely unless Melissa gets fired and she and Rey leave town together. Best of luck to Jordi Vilasaro in his future endeavors.

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