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The Young and the Restless: Will Victoria's end game be a huge win or backfire?

Will Victoria’s endgame work in her favor or bring her despair?

Will Victoria’s endgame work in her favor or bring her despair?

Who is Victoria's secret accomplice?

The Young and the Restless fans have many questions where Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and her recent actions are concerned. The main thing at this time that is on everyone’s minds is the identity of her secret accomplice. Victor Newman ( Eric Braeden) has been speaking and acting as if he truly is furious with his daughter and is not in on her plans. Nick Newman ( Josh Morrow) also seems clueless so perhaps it it Victoria’s Co/CEO Nikki Newman ( Melody Thomas Scott). The mother and daughter were working closely with each other and Vicki is not going to tell her business to just anyone. Someone who is yet to be revealed is assisting the former head of Newman Enterprises and viewers want to know who it is. Fans are also wondering what the end game to all of this deception is and if the lady boss wil reclaim her seat of power. Did she set all of this in motion knowing that her brother Adam Newman ( Mark Grossman would be caught in the crossfire and did se not care that her antics would uproot his life? It’s clear that the goal is to obtain the money the Newman family paid Ashland Locke ( Robert Newman but to what end? Does the Ice Princess desire to make her brother look bad for brokering the deal or is she truly sorry for her part in the scheme of things that led to Ashland getting his hands on a quarter of a million dollars?

Victor’s take on the situation

If Victor is not is daughter’s silent partner in crime will he be pleased at what she does and will he dethrone Adam? At this point The Young and the Reckless fans know that Vicki does not intend to find any silent partners and wants Ashland to invest his own money in their business venture, She intends to take back what he obtained from the Newman’s and if she succeeds what happens next? Is it her intention to present the money to her father kick her brother to the curb and be reinstated to her former position or is something more going on? Could it be that Vicki and Adam are working together to restore the money to the family? Some fans are wondering if Vashland are sleeping together as a way for Vicki to be more convincing? Getting into bed with someone you lost his a bit extreme but perhaps the end justifies the means. Y&R has done a pod job of keeping this storyline under wraps so fans thus far only know what they have seen as things moved along. Some viewers have become so disappointed with the direction of Heinle’s character thst they had been saying they hope she leaves town and never returns

The end game will become clear

Those who watch The Young and the Restless know that eventually Victoria’s plan will unfold but still are eager to find out the details. If she is determined to get her job back then she has played a cruel trick on Adam who genuinely had her best interests at heart where Ashland is concerned. If he does get the money from Ashland will Victor be proud of her or angry that she kept him out of the loop? Assning e is not her silent partner and is unaware of what se has been up to would he reinstate her and embarrass Adam or leave things as they are? More facts need to be revealed before any type of future scenario can be projected but one thing is clear. If Victoria takes Asland for all he has then previous spoilers would have been incorrect. If te end game brings the results that most viewers expect it will be Ashland and not Victoria who will be broken hearted and alone. Be on the lookout for updates related to this storyline and the fates of Victoria, Ashland and Adam. If indeed Victor’s youngest son loses his seat of power he will be stunned and no doubt plan some type of revenge. Whatever happens it will not be pretty and Asland won’t be the only one to find he has been deceived.

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