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The Young and the Restless: Adam Sacrifices All for Sally


Adam seems to make a selfless decision

On The Young and the Restless Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) has been concerned about her future at Newman Media. Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) made her CEO when he became the CEO of Newman Enterprises and she has been doing a great job. Now Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) is back in the top spot and Adam is out. Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and Victoria discuss whether or not Adam will take over the media division again on the episode scheduled for Thursday. They consider that he will bump Sally down to COO or leave her in her current position. As they are talking Adam and Sally are discussing this very thing and Ms. Spectra desires to know what Adams's game plan is. He initially told her it is best if she does not know but she eventually wears him down. He tells Sally that he is going to convince his sister to allow her to continue on as CEO. Sally asks what that means for him and Adam says he always manages to land on his feet and work something out. The two make love and when Sally wakes up she is alone in the bed. Adam has gone to make what seems to be a selfless decision because he loves herm but it could be part of a bigger plan.

A new Adam?

For years on The Young and the Restless Adam has been obsessed with Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) and it seemed he could not break free of her. Ever since he hooked up with Sally he does not even mention Sharon or goes near her anymore. Adam seems to have found in Sally a soulmate who he can relate to on every level. During the past year, he has been moving on from Shaddam in a subtle manner so that viewers may not even have noticed. Neither did he reunite with Chelsea Newman (Melissa Clair Egan). Not many people believe Adam has changed even after he gave one of his kidneys to Faith Newman (Reylyn Castner). Y&R fans have been pretty vocal on social media about how dirty the Newmans are treating Adam by acting like he is not one of them. No matter what he does they dismiss it and revert back to Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), Nick Newman (Josh Morrow), Vicki, and Victor banding together and leaving him out. Abby Newman also is left out of a lot where her father's family is concerned but unlike Adam, she does not continue trying to prove herself. Adam is about to put everything on the line for Sally but his family still will not accept that he is a new man.

Adam could up to something

Some fans of The Young and the Restless ae saying they don't like the way Victoria and Victor discuss Adam behind his back on Thursday's episode as if he is somehow beneath them. It is very clear that the Newman patriarch favors his two children with Nikki and that will probably never change. While Sally is wondering where Adam went he shows up in Victoria's office and does his best to convince her to allow Sally to remain CEO of Newman Media. The Ice Queen is in rare form and you can feel her indifference towards her sibling. He tells her that Sally has done a great job, is an asset, and should not be penalized because of him. Adam goes on to tell Vicki that she does not have to worry about his influence because he has broken up with MS. Spectra and will no longer be a factor in her life. Victoria looks stunned and fans are wondering what Adam is really up to. IS this just a ruse to keep Sally in the top position or will he really walk away from her? What does Adam plan to do for a living and could he possibly decide to work with Ashland Locke? Does he really love Sally enough to walk away or does he have another game plan? How will sally react if he tells her that they cannot see each other again? Be on the lookout for The Young and the Restless updates on this new turn of events.

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