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The Weeknd Performs Demonic Super Bowl Half Time Show

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Satanic colors

Satanic colors

Dark angel descending

I am amazed that so many news outlets are praising the Weeknd for an epic and amazing Super Bowl LV halftime show. This just proves that two people can look at the same thing and come away with something different. You don't have to believe in the Illuminati, (an alleged secret society), in order to notice how odd this year's entertainment was. As I have stated in previous recent years, if an entertainer is talented they can give the audience a performance without all of the darkness. This year's halftime show began with a demonic-looking angel descending from the sky. It landed in front of a group of people who were dressed in choir robes that changed from white to black and had glowing eyes. One news outlet called them a heavenly choir but they seemed to many as if they were from the pits of hell. I cannot understand how anyone thought this was normal. In my opinion, this was creepy yet the world cheered as if it was no big deal.

Demon descending

Demon descending

Iluminati colors

When the Weeknd appeared on stage he was dressed predictably in red, black, and white. This color scheme has been popular during the Grammy's, the MTV Awards, and previous Super Bowl half time shows. This allegedly indicates that those who wear the hues are involved with a secret organization, AKA the Illuminati, to which they have pledged their allegiance in order to gain fame. Whether this is true or not I have noticed for at least the last 7 years that more people wear black, red, and white to awards shows than any other color. It used to be that celebrities were original and walked the red carpet in an array of hues. I miss the days of women in gold, silver, pink, yellow, green, etc. For whatever reason, it seems practically everyone attending these events wear one, two, or all three colors. The Weeknd and his dancers were wearing white, black, and red, and there must be a reason why. This is not a coincidence and it all was carefully choreographed. We just don't know who is pulling the strings.

Choir robes

Choir robes

The Groovy Ghoulies

There was a cartoon in the 1970s called Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the Groovy Ghoulies.This is what I have dubbed the dancers that were with the Weeknd. In the darkness wearing the red and black with those white bandages, I expected them to break out in dance as did the extras in Michael Jackson's Thriller video. The Weeknd says the bandages represent the many individuals in Hollywood who have had plastic surgery but I don't buy it. Some may say they were a good idea because of COVID, but the hair stood up on the back of my neck watching these men, and visions of Michael Meyers and Jason were in my mind. I think back to when I enjoyed Super Bowl halftime shows but tonight it felt menacing instead of entertaining. There was also that crazy gold maze where the groovy ghoulies were bumping into each other and running all over the place. I read several comments where some viewers said they became dizzy and had headaches looking at it. My daughter said a few people told her they were nauseous and wondered what the purpose was for this over-stimulation of the senses. I think back to Beyonce's performance when she was decked out in gold and wearing a gold sunburst crown. It may not be the performers themselves but somebody is going to a lot of trouble to continue these same themes and images.

Leave God out of it.

I cannot figure out why as the Weeknd sang The Hills, there was a necessity for people dressed in choir robes standing behind him. They had their hands together as if praying and it really made no sense. The song uses the F word a lot and is about his wanting to be with another man's woman. This has nothing to do with the church so why the symbolism? Madonna had a choir backing her when she was singing Like A Prayer but when you listen to the lyrics it is not a religious song. This truly is offensive because it's as if these entertainers are mocking God. Choir members in robes represent the church where praises are sung to the Almighty. What purpose was there to have such imagery during a secular song? Keep in mind that these shows are carefully choreographed right down to the last detail and everything has been put in place with a purpose. A choir, with praying hands to the backdrop of a man singing about having sex, is just wrong on so many levels.


In conclusion, we have the following. The red black and white color scheme, a choir with glowing Satanic eyes, a devilish angel coming from the sky, the dancers wearing black and red with white bandages covering their faces, and that golden maze. The bottom line is the Weeknd could have performed his songs without any of this but he chose or was ordered to include it all. If you enjoyed the halftime show and found nothing amiss, perhaps you should look at the video a few more times. You don't have to mock the Creator and celebrate the devil in order to give a decent performance.

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