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20 of the Very Best Brazilian Thrash Metal Bands.


Think of Thrash, think of American Heavy Metal monsters.

Think of American Thrash and think of the Bay Area.

But think Brazilian, think South American.

There are and have been many great Thrash bands to have come roaring out of South America's biggest country.

Here are 20 of the greatest Brazilian Thrash bands to have rocked the world. With information and videos there is a little background and a lot of noise.


A band from São Paulo and founded in 1998 who are named after a building called 'Andraus' in their hometown. In 1972 a tragedy once took place in the building killing 16 people and injuring 330 others.

They began as a cover band inspired by famous Thrash bands like Slayer, Megadeth as well as classic rockers Black Sabbath and their fellow countrymen Sepultura.

They also flirted with a Hardcore Punk sound and explored the Death Metal genre but they sound similar to Slayer and have covered 'War Ensemble'. Their debut album 'Massacre, Corruption, Destruction ...'- came out in 2000.

Best songs from Andralls are 'Under the Insanity', 'Down the Jokers', 'Subhuman Worms', 'Fear is my Ally', 'We Are The Only Ones' and 'Panic Syndrome'.


Attomica started in 1985 and were fronted by the original singer of Sepultura Wagner Lamounier

Their lyrical content was Satanically-based but then changed to subjects dealing more with reality. A co-founder was Geraldo Minelli and their self-titled debut album came out in 1987.

Their second album 'Limits of Sanity' appeared two years later. Strangely the band changed their name to 'Atomica' in 2004 but in 2009 added the extra 't' back again.

Take a listen to great songs like 'Deathraiser','Marching Over Blood', 'Forbidden Hate', 'Ways of Death' and 'Bloodbath'.

Cavalera Conspiracy

A fantastic side-project with a famous name. Ex-Sepultura Max and Igor Cavalera rejoined in 2007. The result was the Cavalera Conspiracy.

It ended a long dispute between the brothers going back to the time of Sepultura. But eventually Igor played drums on stage with 'Soulfly' and from there the brothers decided to embark on a new project together.

Since then they have released three albums, 'Inflikted' in 2008, 'Blunt Force Trauma' in 2011 and 'Pandemonium' in 2014. From their collection heck out 'Sanctuary', 'Inflikted', 'Pandemonium', Killing Inside' and 'Warlord'.

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The band name means "Jackal" in Portuguese. They come from Belo Horizonte and were formed in 1985.

Their debut 'Abominable Anno Dominiì' came out in 1987. It was described as an "influential, genre-defining" example of Brazilian Heavy Metal.

They branched out into Death Metal in 1993 with the album 'Death is a Lonely Business' and have also been noted for creative compositions with complex rhythms and lyrics.

Top tunes are 'May Not the Mankind Suffer', 'Terminal Brain', 'Jason Lives' and 'Possessed Landscape'.

Dorsal Atlântica

Strangely not many bands come from Rio de Janiero. However Dorsal Atlântic were an exception.

They were one of the earliest Brazilian Thrash Metal bands who kicked off way back in 1981. But they inspired many other bands including Sepultura and Korzus.

They released several studio albums from 1984 to 1998 and most of their songs were in Portuguese. However four albums were recorded in English.

They eventually broke up in 2001 but among their back catalogue listen to 'Take Time' 'Guerrilha', 'Stalingrado' and 'Morte Aos Falsos'.


Executer hail from Amparo in the São Paulo region.They began life in 1987 and then in 1990 they recorded and released their debut studio album 'Rotten Authorities'.

However they split up soon after this. But in the year 2000 Executer got back together again and with the original line up.

Two albums followed 'Mind' in 2002 and 'Welcome To Your Hell' in 2006 plus their first album was also re-released. Their sound is Thrash although the vocal style is more Black Metal.

Among their most popular songs are 'Helliday', 'Rotten Authorities', 'Humbug Lines' and 'Psychotic Mind'.


Holocausto come from Belo Horizonte and were founded in 1985. Their personnel were Marco Antônio, Valério Exterminator and Rodrigo dos Anjos.

They have delved into other styles of music. This includes not only the rock genres of Industrial, Death and Doom but they even experimented with Jazz under another group name called 'PexbaA'.

A controversial band due to their anti-Christian lyrics and Satanic themes. They have also been accused of antisemitism due to their lurid descriptions of Nazi atrocities in the WW2 concentration camps.

Highlights from their repertoire are 'War Metal', 'Campo de Exterminio', 'Destruicao Nuclear' and 'Forcas Terroristas'.


Korzus were created in 1983 in São Paulo. They are one of the most important bands of Brazilian Thrash Metal and rank alongside groups like Sarcófago and Sepultura.

Unusually their debut album in 1986 was a live recording and not from the studio. They have experienced many changes in their line-up over the years. However the classic line-up of the band was in the period 1988 to 1992.

Then there was Marcello Pompeu (vocals), Silvio Golfetti and Marcelo Nicastro on guitars, Dick on bass and Roberto Betão Sileci on drums.

Standout tracks from Korzus are 'Truth', 'Agony', 'I am Your God' 'Correria' and 'Discipline of Hate'.


Another band from Sao Paolo. They started in 1984 and their first album saw the light of day in 1986. This was called 'Só os Mortos Não Reclamam'.Their material is highly political with social comment and political critique.

Like many Heavy Metal bands they rail against the prospect of nuclear weapons and WW3. But they have also fought lyrically against mental health institutions and the oppression of the Palestinian people by Israel.

To hear more of their best look up 'Nada e Como Parece', 'The More I See', 'Esta Vida Esta Para Acabar' and 'Politica Sionista'.


MX were founded in the early 1980s in São Paulo. Their name comes from the American ICBM MX missile.

They were one of the leading lights in Brazilian Thrash Metal in the late 1980s. Heavily influenced by American Thrash they also introduced touches of Death Metal into their sound.

They have even been described as having a 'Post Thrash' sound also known as 'Groove Metal'. MX have supported leading lights such as Testament and Exodus during their time.

Their greatest hits include 'Dark Dream', 'Dead World', 'Satanic Noise' and 'Mental Slavery'.


Another band born in the 1980s and who came from Belo Horizonte. They were the creation of Baza and Claudio David.

By 1985 they actually released a joint record with another band, namely Sepultura. But whereas the latter became an international phenomenon, the success of Overdose has been confined to their native land.

Nevertheless their 1992 album 'Vircus of Death' got an international release. This was followed by what proved to be their last album 'Scars' in 1995. The group continued playing albeit with some line-up changes but finally split-up in 1997.

Their musical legacy includes such tunes as 'Anjos do Apocalipse', 'Última Estrela', 'Filhos do Mundo' and 'Secolo XX'.

Ratos de Porao

These guys were formed in 1981 in Sao Paolo. Their name is Portuguese for 'Basement Rats'. Their style combines Thrash with Hardcore Punk.

They built a large following, not only in Brazil but also toured North America and Europe. In 1994 they recorded their only album in English called 'Just Another Crime In Massacreland'.

They've also maintained a stable line with core members João Gordo on vocals and Jão Benedan. The latter was also a presenter on MTV Brasil and an actor in a TV comedy show called: "Legendários".

Have a listen to 'Crucificados Pelo Sistema', 'Odio', 'Problemao' and 'Amazônia Nunca Mais'.


Another group from Belo Horizonte. Their style is more Black Metal than Thrash.

Bands like Venom and Hellhammer inspired them and they themselves were very influential on other Brazilian bands. They were also a huge influence on the likes of Scandinavian Black Metal in content and style.

They began in 1985 but didn't last long as they split two years later. However they reformed after another two years only to split again in the year 2000. Since then however ex-members have continued to play their music live.

Songs to check out are 'Orgy of Flies', 'Song for my Death', 'Midnight Queen', 'Rotting' and 'Recrucify'.


A band who need no introduction.They stormed onto the scene in 1984.

Hailing from Belo Horizonte, their driving force was frontman Max Cavalera and they quickly became a huge success in their own country

Sepultura also enjoyed a unique popularity on the international stages of the world. They shared the podium with the mighty bands of Metal across the world.

Max left in 1997 and started his new band 'Soulfly' and although the fortunes of Sepultura have waned since then they have still continued to tour and make records.

Among their many classic songs are 'Territory', 'Refuse/Resist', 'Ratamahatta' and 'Roots Bloody Roots'.


Another band of Maz Cavalera. This was started in 1997 and followed his acrimonious split from Sepultura the previous year.

Strictly speaking they are more of an international band as they were founded in Phoenix, Arizona and are really based in the USA.

But the sheer presence of Cavalera always dominates both sound and stage. Plus his son Zyon joined the band as drummer in 2013. This certainly provides enough Brazilian blood and passion to merit inclusion here.

Best tracks are 'Back to the Primitive', 'Bleed', 'Seek n Strike', 'Prophecy', 'Rise of the Fallen' and 'Bloodshed'.


A band from the samba capital of Rio de Janeiro. They started up in 1985, split up in 1993 but then reformed in 2006.

Led by brothers Cláudio and Sérgio Bezz they produce Thrash similar to Metallica but with a liberal dose of Speed.

Lyrical content is about war and politics as well as the pride of being a headbanger. An even more eclectic fact is that when the band broke up Cláudio ventured into pop and jazz music, while Sérgio became a psychoanalyst.

Choice cuts from their albums are 'Massacre', 'Fissura', 'Behind the Flags' and a great cover of Led Zeppeilin's 'Communication Breakdown'.

Torture Squad

A combination of a Death and Thrash Metal band. They were founded in 1990 in Sao Paolo.

However their first album release wasn't until 1995 and was called 'Shivering. But the breakthrough came 4 years later with 'Asylum of Shadows'.

In 2006 they went on a tour of Europe and are very popular in Germany. In fact they appeared at the Wacken Festival the following year which helped win them a contract with Armageddon Records.

Best songs include 'Raise Your Horns', 'Living for the Kill', 'Pandemonium' and 'Holiday in Abu Ghraib'.


Formed in 2002 and originally a power trio. They remained in the underground scene for around 6 years.

Then came their debut album "Chemical Assault". This featured twin guitars after Marcio Cambito joined the band.

They have toured around South America, Europe and Japan. Their first official music video of the song 'Futurephobia' appeared in 2010 from the album 'Annihilation Process'.

Other tunes to play are 'Addicted to Mosh', 'Thrash Maniacs', 'Atomic Nightmare' and 'Endless Tyrannies'.


Vulcano are more of an Extreme Metal group. They come from Santos in São Paulo and are one of the oldest Thrash bands as they started back in 1981.

They were a big influence on other Brazilian bands including Sepultura.

The magazine Terrorizer reported; "many believe that Vulcano not only kick-started musical blasphemy in Brazil, but throughout the whole of Latin America".

To hear what they mean check out 'Total Destruição', 'Dominios of Death', 'Annihilate all of Them', 'Legiões Satânicas' and 'Guerreiros de Satã'.


Formed by two long-term friends Thiago Monstrinho and Fernando Schaefer. Both were drummers from Sao Paolo.

But when they formed Worst in 2011 Thiago became the singer. They recruited Douglas Melchiades on bass guitar and Ricardo Brigas on lead guitar.

In May 2012 the album "The Desejo Todo o Mal do Mundo" was released. It contains many high-octane metal tunes with vigour and great energy.

Top tracks are the title track from that album plus 'Sem Do', 'Vicios', 'Acreditar' and 'Enterrado'.

Keep your eyes south

A fine selection of great bands making memorable music. Over thirty years of mayhem from some of the finest Rock musicians to have come out of Brazil.

South America is a favourite destination for many international acts who are amazed by the passion of the fans.

The Latin countries are also fertile ground for home-grown artists and Brazil is one of the most active.

Many more will follow in their footsteps so keep your eyes south for more.


Shinkicker (author) from Scotland on November 22, 2014:

Cheers FFC

I have to admit, I wasn't familiar with Disaffection. I'll check them out and maybe add them to the list.

It would be good to have another younger band included. I really like Worst, they were a pleasant surprise.

All the best my friend

Keith Abt from The Garden State on November 21, 2014:

Cool stuff! Years 'n' years ago my brother had a pen pal in Brazil who would send him tapes of the local metal talent (and every once in a while a package of actual LPs!), so there were a lot of familiar names in this Hub.

Have you heard of Disaffection? They're a relatively new Brazilian thrash band, I have their "Begin the Revolution" CD from three or four years ago.

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