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The Universal Classic Monsters Icons Of Horror Collection Is 4K Horror For The Home


Here Comes The Monsters

Before the advent of computer generated imaging, green screen and all kinds of digital technology, it was up to the practical creators working in films to create unearthly and inhuman characters. Universal Studios pretty much invented the monsters that still resonate with people today — at least as regards the movie industry. Whether it was the silent era when cameras were hand cranked to shoot film, on to “talkies” and the ages that followed — it was up to the practical designer, the makeup artist and of course the actor themselves to create a monster that didn’t make people laugh. In some cases the creation of a monster was minimal and left much to the imagination but used lighting and camera angles to create intense moods (think Dracula and the Invisible Man) while in other cases those who created the monster had to go whole hog down the trail (think Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman).

So it’s great to be able to view the original creations that continue to make their impact on things that go bump in the dark — we’re talking almost 100 years ago that these monster films were made! But thanks to those who came before who preserved these films, it is now possible for viewers whose parents weren’t even born yet to view these films. And since home viewing is now so important, then it also makes sense that these films should be made available for the now-large TVs that are in homes. The value of the Universal Classic Monsters Icons Of Horror Collection being on discs is that it becomes a part of the home’s library and so is available for viewing whenever one wants (as opposed to the troubles that streaming can bring, not the least of which can be interruptions due to overuse on streaming platforms or even power outages or possible censorship for one’s own “good.” The other amazing thing about this collection is that it comes in 4K high resolution — enabling the black and white imaging to be as detailed as is now possible for home viewing. Size matters and so that’s why movie theaters will always be superior to TVs at home, but for home viewing it is made better thanks to the 4K resolution which enables the viewing of greater detail that has been previously possible.


The 4K Collection

The Universal Classic Monsters Icons Of Horror Collection consists of 4 classic films: Dracula, whose 90th year anniversary reaffirms the immortality of vampires — even if the actor has long gone. But Bela Lugosi’s acting and voice is the gold standard as to the character (if a bit over the top as we modern folks might now see it). Here it’s less about the effects and more about the intent as to what is happening and the impacts it will have. And for those who have watched it on late night movies in the past — seeing it now full and uncensored (if for commercials if nothing else) — will be a revelation.


The Monsters Are Here

Frankenstein: First understand that it’s really Frankenstein’s Monster but too late to make that change. Here Boris Karloff’s lumbering and practical makeup still allows for the humanity to come through. It’s also a chance to see those villagers and torches that people always talk about when they are annoyed at something.

The Invisible Man: While the easiest of special effects as regards making the character disappear, this is always the easiest “monster” to watch — if only perhaps because a lot of the time the character is not being seen (i.e., he’s invisible after all).

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The Wolf Man: 80th anniversary rings the bell here — or perhaps it should be tosses the ball because it’s all about the practical effects that make this character so menacing. Wolfe doesn’t get the love and respect that old Drac gets, but Wolf Man remains in the public’s collective memory and so it’s good to see him running around again here.

No box set would be complete without bonus features — and considering the age and value of these films, it makes sense that there should be interesting trivia included. Hours of bonus content is available, ranging from Dracula to Frankenstein to The Invisible Man and Wolfman.

The Universal Classic Monsters Icons Of Horror Collection is also available in a Blu-ray box set, as well as the 4K discussed here. Plus there is a digital movie viewing app tied into this as well. For more details on Universal Studios go to

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