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The Top Unforgettable Fencing Movies of All Time


The Top Unforgettable Fencing Movies of All Time

Fencing may not be as popular as football or basketball in the United States but still many people, both fencing fans and not, enjoy watching a movie that features excellent fencing scenes or sword fights.

One can prove the popularity of fencing movies with the vast array of movies of this nature that have been produced and released over the recent decades. If you only know a few, and would like to watch more of these kinds of movies, here is a list some of the great fencing movies of all time.

· The Adventures of Robin Hood

Probably one of the oldest fencing films of this century is the 1938 film, The Adventures of Robin Hood, which tells the story of a young man who forms a band of outlaws to protest against the tyranny of Prince John in England.

This movie is filled with great action and dynamic swords scenes. What is great about old fencing movies is the lack of computer technology at that time, which means that the scenes are authentic and not a product of technological manipulation.

· Zorro Movies

The Mark of Zorro, The Mask of Zorro, and The Legend of Zorro are the unforgettable Zorro movies that featured intense and aggressive fight scenes between the protagonist and his enemies. The Mask of Zorro probably has the most furious and fastest moving pace in its numerous sword fights but it is also very good if you can catch all these three movies.

· Die Another Day

The James Bond 007 series of movies have many versions but it is only in this film that another great talent of his was revealed and it is no other than his fencing expertise. This film boasts of a variety of well-choreographed sword fight scenes that will put you on the edge of your seat.

· The Three Musketeers Movies

There has been a series of musketeer movies starting from 1948. These movies, which include The Three Musketeers, The Four Musketeers, and The Return of the Musketeers, always featured excellent fencing scenes but aside from that, the story always had a good plot. These films are based from the series of books written by Alexander Dumas.

· Scaramouche

The year was 1952 when director George Sidney created the film Scaramouche, a French movie that revolves around the story of Andre Moreau, a bastard son who is nothing but a happy-go-lucky guy until the death of his best friend in a duel with Marquis de Maynes.

Moreau plans to avenge the death of his best friend. He studies fencing from two fencing masters. The highlight of this movie is the fencing duel between him and Maynes. The fight scene can be characterized as having excellent foot and arm work and coordination.

· The Fencing Master

A film by Pedro Olea, this movie came out in 1992 but its plot is set in 1868. The main character in the story is Don Jaime de Astarloa, whose life revolves around fencing. A beautiful lady named Adela de Otero requests training from this fencing master. Although the film has many good fencing scenes, it is convoluted with melodramatic plots such as Astarloa’s obsession, murder of his friend and many others.

· By the Sword

The movie, By the Sword by director Jeremy Kagan, released in 1991, tells the tale of Villard, an expert swordfighter who manages a fencing school. Villard’s father, who was killed in a sword match when he was still young, was the one who taught him almost everything he knows about this sport.

The plot thickens when a shabby older man appears in front of his doorstep asking for a teaching job. Villard doubts that this man knows a thing about fencing and so he offers him a janitorial job instead. The man gladly accepts and works hard for Villard.

Soon, Villard discovers that the man does have a great skill in fencing, but he also finds out that this man killed his father. He has just gotten out of the prison, looking for a way to redeem himself by working for Villard. Villard, on the other hand, becomes more interested in taking revenge for his father’s demise.

Watching sword fighting movies is not only great for passing time or for keeping oneself entertained, it is also a good way to learn and know more about the sport.


Jack Lee from Yorktown NY on January 20, 2018:

Nice summary, I write about fencing as well.

Pavel on December 30, 2012:

And how about The Troy friends? Have you seen it? Your list miss it...

rick on September 23, 2012:

As a fencing coach, kids for many years have answered the question... why do you want to try fencing? with 'Princess Bride'. So, whatever my opinion of it or its fencing, it strikes a cord.

Genevève on February 28, 2012:

I would like to reinterate Princess Bride. If you do not agree, simply look at who has choreographed the sword fighting... Bob Anderson, olympic fencer and well, the most prolific film sword fighting choreographer and teacher. He has teached Errol Flynn, Sean Connery, Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp, to name a few. And planned the fencing scenes in a lot of the pics mentionned above.

Not Princess Bride! on September 09, 2011:

The fencing in Princess Bride isn't really fencing. It's a movie simulation of fencing. They talk about techniques they're not even using.

Dave on August 22, 2011:

Um...Princess Bride?

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